Colourful Clutches

Neon Yellow Clutch by The Purple Sack

What’s the easiest way to transform your outfit from blah to chic instantly? By adding some colourful arm-candy of course! A bright clutch is the easiest way to add a dash of glam to any ensemble. Choose a clutch in a complimenting shade for a bright outfit and choose from any colour of the rainbow to pop your neutrals.

Yellow and Pink Clutch by The Purple Sack


The choices are limitless and it is simplest and most affordable way to liven up any wardrobe. Go crazy experimenting with neons and colour-block clutches as well. Accessories can be kept to the minimum. This trend helps making a statement irrespective of weather changes. Be it summer, winter or monsoons; wrap your hands around a bold clutch to always look stylish!

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