Combat Gloomy Weather: 10 Things To Do in The Rains

We see dreamy, happy faces during the first showers of the year. Soon enough, the gloominess creeps in and you’re left wondering what to do in the rains. Sure, you like being indoors all cuddled up, but that’s boredom’s cue to come in. So, for those inevitable pouring days, we give you a list of super fun things you can do at home or outside.

1. Lose Your Inhibition, Get Wet

The first rule of enjoying in the rain – is to enjoy IN the rain. If you cant take it, face it. Get down and dirty. Let go off those worries and get wet, fully. Your hair is not going to fall off; they have products for those gorgeous tresses of yours. The feeling of getting drenched on a windy afternoon is priceless!

2. Play Loud Music, in A Public Place

Don’t let travelling to work on a rainy day get you down. After you’re all safe and dry inside your mode of transport (train, cab, bus), put on your headphones and listen to your favourite track. A peppy one! Doesn’t matter if you sway your head and sing along, move a limb or two (if there’s space). It’s only going to make the others smile and forget their murky issues.

3. Have Your Very Own Film Festival

Back-to-back movies are such a fun way to spend your entire day home. And with the rain outside doing the background scores for you, with a few simple steps you can have your very own film festival at home. All you need to do is download some epic short films (easy way is to look for Oscar nominees), call your friends over, pop some corn in the microwave and begin the revelry. You can even have themes such as rom-coms, action, animated or horror (yes!) movies.

4. Get Inspired at Work

Instead of sulking about the fact that you’d rather be home, how about getting inspired by the overcast that is your Monday morning? Get yourself a stronger cuppa joe, look outside, let the breeze come in and let those creative juices flow. Would you rather have the summer heat getting to your head or a rainy morning getting you pumped up? Soothing music in the background will help too, if you’re in the creative field of course. Basically, set your mood right and everything else will look brighter.

5. Family Catch-Up Time

You probably don’t remember the last time your entire family got together and chatted for what seemed like hours. Well, now’s the time to start reminiscing and talking about everyone’s good ol’ days. Ask your parents about their love stories and tell them about yours, share a laugh or two or look at old photographs – make those black and white negatives come alive in the monsoons.

6. Board Game Marathon

The Monopoly that has been lying at the far end of your cupboard, it’s time to get that out. Sit with your friends and family and finish one game after another till it’s time to call it quits. Taboo, Pictionary and Life are some great board games that can be played for hours.

7. Daring Cocktail Experiments

Don’t let the mini bar feel left out. Cold, rainy weather outside needs warm fuzzy feeling inside. That’s what you’ll get when you and your friends drink up some nasty cocktails that are made by you. Get innovative, experimenting with fruits, juices and spirits. Ice cream shots or tobasco twists, the level of craziness depends on your wild side!

8. Chai and Pakoras

Steaming hot chai and spicy pakoras by the window, while the little drizzles tickle your skin. Need we say more?

9. Sleep

Last, but definitely not our least favourite option is sleep. Oh, getting tucked in that soft, cozy blanket and snoozing is probably the best thing to do on a damp afternoon!

Monsoon, you beautiful work of nature; it’s like love in Shakespeare’s time when you come around every year!

Photo courtesy: Fivam

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