Common Tattoos We Are Bored To Death Of

Tattoos are a great way to turn those drunken nights into a lifetime of dismemberment. Trends come and go, but tattoos have been around forever. Tattoos say a lot about people. But mostly about how idiotic most are in jumping onto the tattoo bandwagon without giving it a second thought. A one of a kind tattoo takes a certain amount of imagination and creativity. If you are planning to go under the needle anytime soon (Getting Inked is too cheesy no?) read on and educate yourself on the done to death tattoos of all time.

Barbed Wire: Yes we know Pamela Anderson has this one. Although logically, what does it really mean? Barbed wire is traditionally used to keep outsiders off your property. Are you trying to prevent people from invading your arm?

Barbed Wire Tattoo

Chinese symbols:   Every book in every tattoo artists’ studio has these vague strokes which mean vague words like ‘destiny’ or ‘love’. Sure, they may look all exotic and mystic, but there is a high risk that your tattoo actually means soup or steamed dumplings. Why would you want to scar your body with a menu item?

Chinese Symbols

Skulls and fire: bet you thought it made you look badass when you were getting it. Skulls like barbed wire were badass only when prison was the only place you could get tattoos.

Skulls & Fire

Tribal Tattoos: There are a million different variations of this tattoo. All you need are several swirly lines. The more intricate the better. They are also a part of the tramp stamp epidemic that swept the planet.


Wings: You may be huge fans of the song ‘I believe I can fly’, but let’s face the harsh reality, this tattoo won’t help you touch even the ceiling, let alone the sky.


Butterflies: As common as the cold, this tattoo has several meanings depending on the placement. For example, on the ankle means you are daddy’s little princess with her own tattoo accessories. Your tattoo is most likely to be surrounded by pink wisps or flowers. A butterfly tattoo on your lower back sends the message that buying you a drink would totally work.


Fairies and Pixies: Chosen over their cuteness, this tattoo says that you do not understand many things, like what it means or why you got the tattoo in the first place. Seriously, stop getting this tattoo. They are just an accessory and in some instances, when the tattoo artist refused to tattoo a pony.


Cross: You love Jesus, but not enough to go to Church.

cross (1)

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