Team InOnIt Shares 8 Hacks For Your Monsoon Commute

The smell of fresh rain, romantic weather, cool breeze; we are eagerly awaiting monsoons in the country. But along with the happy feeling, it also brings a whole lot of mess—wet clothes, infections and, worst of all, travelling to work that drives almost any city-dweller to the point of insanity.

We at InOnIt understand this and, as fellow women, offer simple hacks to ease your everyday commute to work. Check out what the lovely ladies of our office have to say.

1. Janki Patel, Social Media Executive
“Windcheaters and umbrellas are not new for someone who has survived the Indian monsoon. But I think that having a windcheater with an opening for earphones is like a blessing in disguise. All those times waiting for the bus in the rains become bearable. Go for a full cover, pastel shade raincoat (buy here or go to any local ladies apparel store that offers rain gear. You can even try local markets for cheaper alternatives. Instead of windcheater, you can also carry a pop coloured umbrella (buy here).”

Commuting in Monsoons - raincoats

2. Karishma Chiplumkar, Merchandising
“I hate it when mucky water and dirt stick to my feet and legs, so I always wears ballerinas or back-strapped sandals. If you want to look cool and protect your feet, buy gumboots. Available in different varieties and prints, these are quirky  and trendy. If in Mumbai, head over to Bandra (Linking Road and Hill Road) for a superb variety.”

Commuting in Monsoons - gumboots

3. Diana Koli, Graphic Designer
“Waterproof bags are very essential this season. Personally, I carry two to three of them in my purse when it rains. From storing wet clothes to carrying broken slippers, they are like a boon for me. You can even place the bag inside your purse strategically so that it covers the entire inside section and carry all the contents in that to keep them safe from the rain.”

Commuting in Monsoons - plastic bags

4. Avani Gada, IT
“Unless you’re a Yash Raj heroine, avoid wearing white in the rain. I swear by capri pants and bright tops. Along with the whites, I have stored away all my light blues, baby pinks and sheer outfits for the season. Show off your legs by going for shorts, skirts and even dresses. This is the season for it. Get trendy monsoon apparel here.”

Commuting in Monsoons - dressing for rain

5. Jasmine Samuel, Graphic Designer
“Whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair, humidity can cause your mane to get frizzy. I wash my hair each time it gets wet in the rain and carry a scarf to protect it. It works wonders for my wavy hair. I prefer using a clip to rubber bands, as the latter tend to break wet hair when taken out. Buy trendy scarves here and style them in different ways as shown here.”

Commuting in Monsoons - scarf

6. Namrata Kothari, Co-Founder
“While travelling in a cab or train, wearing accessories such as stacked bangles, rings and bracelets can ruin them. I’d suggest you avoid wearing them completely or wear minimal and easy-to-manage accessories. Find the right accessories for you during the monsoon here.”

Commuting in Monsoons - accessories

7. Anushka Patodia, Editor
“You never know when you’ll be stuck in a 26/7-like flood—or your blazer may simply get wet and creased on the way to work. I keep two to three functional clothes (a semi-formal jacket, formal shirt and black jeans) in the office during the monsoons. They are particularly handy during meetings or an early evening out. Along with a pair of clothes, keep a towel handy too.”

Commuting in Monsoons - extra clothes

8. Prakruti Jhaveri, Features Writer
“Travelling in trains, metros and buses can be tough when it’s pouring cats and dogs outside. Worse, it’s practically impossible to get an auto or cab. Keep specific travel apps handy that let you go through the city without much hassle. I use the m-Indicator app for my Mumbai commute—it has complete information on train timings, bus routes and rickshaw/taxi fares. You can also use Google Maps to be your guide and help you find small lanes to escape the main road traffic.”

Commuting in Monsoons - m-indicator

The InOnIt ladies have some smart ways to travel in the rainy season; we hope you do too. Give us a shout if you have any other ideas to share with us.

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