Cook Like A Pro Chef

Your dream of seeing yourself on one of those master cookery shows on TV may take some time to come true. In the meanwhile, GourmetItUp will help you get one step closer to that dream, in a way. They aim to provide you with fabulous culinary experiences by collaborating with top restaurants in Mumbai. This time, you can be part of their exclusive Masterclass on 6th April 2013 with the extremely talented culinary master and chef of Two One Two Bar and Grill, chef Mohammed Bhol. The restaurant is elegantly spaced over 4,000 square feet and provides comfort food that leaves you salivating.
The chef who will teach you signature dishes from Two One Two, is a world travelled food aficionado, and you will see influences from his sojourns across the world in his gastronomic skills.
The Masterclass that costs Rs.1,600 per person, also includes a tasting after the class and attendees will receive a certificate from Chef Mohammed Bhol certifying that they have attended a Masterclass with him. The recipes of course, will be provided and reservations need to be made at least 12 hours in advance.
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