Cool Chef Café Review: Everything and Everyone is as ‘Cool’ as a Cucumber at C3

If you go by the literal meaning, “cool” is a word used to signify something that’s neither warm nor cold. And if you choose to use it as slang, it means “to relax”. This is no lesson on the word Cool, but a literary tour through a cool culinary bungalow that has been converted into a restaurant, a bar and a pub at Worli village.

Getting to Cool Chef Café (C3) was not all that simple, but thanks to the signage, we managed to find our way. A huge red bungalow – first room dedicated to the LCD where the IPL was being screened, followed by a room with cute little cupboards showcasing cutlery, then a bar with extensive graffiti on every wall and last, the pub.

Don’t be surprised if you’re served water in a wine glass. After all, it’s all about getting cool and comfortable. Just start off with the feeling of sipping on wine. With regard to food, C3 gives you a half plate and just lays the food on your table. Again, it’s not a fine dining restaurant, so you get a chance to serve yourself.

After being surprised with the water, we were ready to welcome more surprises. C3 has an extensive menu with continental cuisines, both veg and non-veg. Start your day with some cereals or muesli for breakfast, followed by soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, pastas, lasagne, mushrooms, chicken, sea food, beef, pork and some dessert.

We finally decided to call for our drinks – Caipirina (lemon wedges and mint leaves muddled with Brazillian white cachacha) and Sunny Fizz (Orange juice and lemonade). C3 doesn’t follow the course by course pattern. So, you are allowed to focus on your plate and palate. We kick started with Grilled Tofu Zanzibar Skewers, which was not a good start as the peanut sauce on the tofu did not appeal to my taste buds. Then came the Baked Garlic Prawns with garlic, herbs, mozzarella and cheddar followed by Cool Chef’s Crunchy Chicken Thai Samosas – a real surprise and a must try! No wonder the samosas are still being featured in the new continental menu. It seems, the samosas were an addition on popular demand, and we were left asking for more.

Grooving to the high decibels of popular covers, we dived into the Prawns Nirvana (floating in sautéed garlic, chilly pods, rosemary in tomato sauce), Freddy’s Fish Steak (double grilled rawas fillet topped with lemon butter caper sauce) and South American Steak (served with mash potatoes and veggies along with pepper sauce). The fish and the meat blended amazingly with the sauces. In short, divine and toothsome.

Now, sitting in C3’s antique chairs around a wooden table, we ordered for our last “course” – desserts. It was Vanilla Cake (served with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce). Ah! Felt like heaven. The cake tasted like a typical home-made, extremely delicious cake.  You can also look forward to some Red Velvet Cupcakes and Vanilla Ice-cream with Hot Fudge.

C3’s new continental menu is very exciting as it appeals to the rich Indian taste buds. Dinner for two will come up to Rs. 2,000 with drinks. Feel free to mosey from the dinning room to the bar and finally to the pub. Surprises are not on the menu, but they will be served constantly.

Address: Cool Chef Cafe, Thadani House, 329/A Worli Village, Worli Sea Face, Turn Left After Bandra-Worli Sea Link, Mumbai 400030

Get updated on the latest happenings at C3 here.

- Suezelle

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