Cool Uses For Your Beauty Products Other Than The Obvious

Beauty junkies rejoice as we give you cool and different ways to use your countless, everyday beauty products. They can be used in so many different ways that can actually work as a blessing when you’re in a rush or just want to save some moolah. Take multitasking to a whole new level with these cool uses for your beauty products.


A fab new pair of shoes comes with annoyingly painful blisters but you can use your deodorant to prevent them. Spritz some on your feet before slipping into your new shoes to save your soles.

deo on feet

Lip Balm

You always have a lip balm or two in your purse that are not only handy to perfect your pucker but can also save you from dry skin especially now that winter is coming. You can apply it to your cuticles, elbows, knees or any other dry areas to help moisturize. Now we can’t lug around big bottles of body lotion so this is great to keep in mind for a girl on the go.


Remove stubborn stains with your trusty hairspray. Spray it on the stain generously and rub it till it disappears. It can remove anything from food stains to makeup spots. Try it to believe it!

Liquid Liners

When you’re feeling crafty and want to jazz up your nails, liquid liners are great for intricate nail art and are a good alternative for nail pens. They’re also handy when you need to jot down a number and can’t find a pen.

Use your eye liner to get houndstooth nails

Use your eye liner to get houndstooth nails

Eyebrow brush

With its stiff bristles, an eyebrow brush can efficiently remove annoying lint from your clothes and fabric. They can also be used to reach little nooks and crannies during cleaning like swiping off dust from your keyboard.


A healthy dose of retail therapy can sometimes end in chipped nails thanks to those annoying price tag stickers. Revving up your hairdryer to blow some hot air on it can help remove sticky adhesives.
Another cool use for your hairdryer is to use it to clear up foggy mirrors after your shower.


A temporary fix for shabby scuffs on your shoes is to rub some mascara onto it with a tissue to cover it up.
Another cool use for your mascara is to use the wand to tame your eyebrows and brush them into a neater shape.



Forget shaving creams, lathering on a layer of your conditioner before shaving your legs (or any other area) is a better idea and leads to softer and more hydrated skin as compared to shaving creams.

Hair Iron

You don’t need a clothes iron when you have a hair straightner. Aside from making your hair look smooth and silky, they can double up as a clothes iron to remove wrinkles from your clothes when you’re in a rush or while travelling. They’re the perfect size to iron out those collars to look impeccable for an important meeting.


When you can’t reach the salon, an eye shadow that is similar to your hair colour can be used to cover up those roots to get you through the day.
You can also use an eye shadow on your lips if you really like the colour, just make sure to apply it on top of some lip balm.

eye shadow


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