Cover Up: 5 Makeup Tips To Hide Those Dreaded Dark Circles

On a busy morning or for a last-minute party, a light blush and lipstick look just wonderful. But then you notice the puffy eyes and dark circles,  killing the whole charm of your face. We know your problem; here are some super makeup tricks to hide your under-eye marks and puffiness.

Step 1: Pre-Makeup
When you wake up with puffy eyes or have tired-looking peepers at the end of the day, you can’t directly apply makeup as it will make the dark circles more prominent. Try this—take a spoon that’s been in the freezer for five minutes on your eyes. The puffiness will instantly reduce. To get rid of tired-looking eyes, wash your face with chilled water and apply a generous dose of moisturiser. Let it remain for five to 10 minutes and then apply makeup.

 makeup tricks to hide dark circles

Step 2: Primer
Once your eyes look fresh again, it is time to make the skin around the eyes even and smooth. For this, you need to apply primer. Without the primer, the makeup with make your eyes more wrinkly and dull. Get your hands on a quality primer here.

 makeup tricks to hide dark circles

Step 3: Conceal
By now, your eyes will be looking much brighter. So now it’s time to conceal those dark circles. Use a yellow or orange base concealer under your eyes. This offers a strong base to cover your dark spots and marks along with blending well with other makeup. Choose a yellow-based shade that is lighter than your skin. Buy here.

 makeup tricks to hide dark circles

Step 4: Blend
Once you’ve used a concealer to cover your spots, take the foundation that suits your skin tone and blend the concealer with it. Also blend the surrounding areas with your under-eye area, so it does not look mismatched. Buy a good foundation here.

 makeup tricks to hide dark circles

Step 5: Set And Brighten
Now that your eyes have the same shade as your face, use a bit of shimmer powder all over your face and eyes for a light glow. This will help set the makeup well. Use eyeliner and kajal, along with eye shadow to brighten up your peepers. Get your hands on a pretty shimmer powder here.

 makeup tricks to hide dark circles

To learn more, check out this video:

Note: Try this at home once rather than directly applying it on your night out. Do let us know what you think in the comments section.

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