Crumbs to Gourmet For Your Next Party

Holding your next party and the guest list has gone from 10 to 100? You definitely don’t want to cook for all these people, and calling from a restaurant means limiting your food to a particular cuisine.
How about a bit of Mexican (read nachos dripping with cheese and quesadillas) or a Goan style chilli chicken? It’s simple, just call Joel and he’ll customize a menu for you! Crumbs to Gourmet, a food catering service by chef Joel will bring to the table everything worth salivating and give you a complete dining experience. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the spread laid out in front you. Joel specializes in bespoke menus and provides you with elegant food and service. He will infuse food from Mexican, Creole, Italian, French and Middle eastern cuisines for you and also cook what he likes to call haute Indian food.
You can also buy yummy products from their pantry like different spreads, salsas and other Mexican sauces, dry rubs and more. Chilli pepper jam sounds delish!
Crumbs to Gourmet caters to private dinners and lunches, christenings, small weddings, kiddy or kitty parties, store launches and the links.
If you want to get in touch, call on 9833844410 or 9029150150 or send an email to
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