Cultural Explosion On Tibet-Bhutan-India Border

Kipepeo strives to bring its patrons exciting trips to the Northeast states which encourage cultural exchange and adrenaline charges. Their summer trip to Arunachal Pradesh follows suit.

The trip will explore the Monpas, one of the twenty-six tribes in Arunachal Pradesh, who have a mixed cultural heritage owing to their mixed faiths of Buddhism and the ancient religion of Bon. The trip starts from the plains of Assam along the winding Kameng river to the little town of Dirang. A visit to the historic village of Thembang, which was ruled by a descendant of the Tibetan king from Lhasa and a night halt in the picturesque Sangti valley are scheduled on the way. From there the trip follows the climb of the Sela pass and moves further into the Zemithang valley, where Monpa traditions have been preserved, and picturesque views of Bhutan and Tibet can be enjoyed. The final destination is to the grand monastery of Tawang to experience and understand its mystery.

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