Cuppa Joe Review: Trade Your Midnight Oil for Some Charming Coffee









When we discuss coffee, it’s usually when someone burns the midnight oil and embraces this bitter and aromatic beverage. But what I’m getting at, takes us miles away from coffee with the delicious food they have to offer. They believe in attracting you to their food, and get you romancing with the beans as well. My purpose is not to create any suspense, but to familiarize you with The Mystery Café that has been finally christened as Cuppa Joe! After creating a buzz across social media, the mystery of this coffee shop has now been revealed.

Situated off Carter Road and focusing completely on promoting local produce, Cuppa Joe has a lip-smacking menu of hot beverages, hot chocolate and teas, ice beverages, chillers, sandwiches, paninis, pastas, wraps and salads. I started off with a Marshmallow Café Mocha. I can’t explain how confused I was on seeing this appetizing large glass mug before me with a mountain of marshmallows! It will Christmas in my mouth! Another hot beverage that’s a must-try is their signature Cookieccino. There’s not much I could do to hold myself back. As cute as it sounds, it’s appearance and sips will not deceive you either. Among the ice beverages, I tried the Bubblegum Snow Frappe – a perfect drink for the summers.









You being a carnivore or not doesn’t really matter as Cuppa Joe offers limited, but enjoyable veg as well as non-veg quick bites. I tried a Buffalo Chicken Wrap and a Falafel Wrap. Even though I was served with sauces, I felt no need to add any as the wraps were juicy and tasty by themselves. The Spinach and Corn Panini was delightful – a must try! Pasta lovers, find yourself digging in a bowl of penne, fussili or spaghetti mixed with ariabiatta, alfredo or basil pesto. It’s very creamy and is available with add-ons. To bring this sunny afternoon to an end, I ordered an Espresso Con Panna – a strong and bitter shot of coffee. A perfect ending, indeed!

Beverages are available in regular and large sizes and are priced to attract the young. I personally loved the ambience because of its simplicity. The customized paintings of Cuppa Joe are lovely. If music is what you’re worried about, the rhythm will keep you going. Cuppa Joe opens to public on April 10, 2012 from 7:30am to 1:30am. However, this is just the beginning. What matters is the consistency. If this coffee shop maintains it, I would want my grandchildren to hangout at Cuppa Joe too!

Address: Cuppa Joe, Off Carter Road, Next to Yogurtbay, Bandra (west).

Timings: 7:30am to 1:30am

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