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Hunting for that perfect lamp shade that is equal parts quirky and sleek? Want to do something absolutely bizarre like training to be an elephant mahout since life seems to have struck you with lightening like monotony? Or do you simply want to shout from the roof tops about one of your most cherished experiences? Well, then this e-community is for you.
Gloop is an online getting together of people, who are as riveted by the unusual as you are. It is one big, never-ending party of people who just happen to know the best places to find the best things that life has to offer. And that’s not all; they are also looking to expand their database of awesomeness.
It is a community of folks who are striving to push the Indian sensibility forward. They want to let people in on the secrets of the products and services that made their life that much more fascinating. They also want you to want to do that, so that this turns into a mutually beneficial bargain! From the best blowdry that Mumbai has to offer to that secret villa in Goa, get in on all the fun here. Everyone always knows someone who knows someone who knows the perfect lodging at Kumaon in the Himalayas. But word of mouth is often a tedious task, no? They also have a web-store where you can shop for select merchandise.
Register yourself for free on Gloop by visiting them here. You can contact them by email at or you can also fill in their ‘Contact Us’ form here.
Happy curating your life!
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