Curating A Horror Fest Can Be Quite Tricky: Cyrus Dastur

You must be aware of the various film festivals organised in India, but ever been to a horror film festival? If you’re the kind who loves horror films and prefers them to be short, this Friday is yours. Asia’s premier short film club Shamiana is organizing a Horror Short Film Festival across 7 cities in India – Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Guwahati and Pune. InOnIt had a chat with Cyrus Dastur, founder of Shamiana, to get you the finest details about the festival. Excerpts:

What Inspired Shamiana to curate a Horror Short Film Festival?
Horror is a very exciting genre as we all love having an adrenaline rush once in a while. And curating a Horror Fest can be quite tricky because if the people don’t find the films scary, they may find it funny! So, it was kind of challenging to curate a package of Horror Shorts that would really scare the daylights of the audience, and we hope we do that!

Tell us about the Horror Shorts that will be screened.
The films are a wide variety of Horror Shorts from all over the world and all of them are award winners at International Festivals. We’ve got shorts from US, Hong Kong, Norway, Netherlands, France and of course India. The total package is of 7 shorts and we’re sure the audience will be thrilled by each one of them!

Do you think such a film festival will attract a large audience?
Absolutely! Once people know there’s something like this happening in their city, I have no doubts, the response will be very strong. Shamiana as it is has a very loyal fan base and with this Horror Fest, we’re confident of expanding it further.

Why should anyone attend the Horror Short Film Fest?
To get scared! (laughs) Short films are a very exciting genre and the world is catching on to it. Here are the best of Horror Shorts from across the globe so you’re surely missing out on something if you’re not joining the party!

What kind of an audience are you expecting?
Shamiana has always attracted a variety of audiences, and this time we expect it to be no different. It would be a varied audience that enjoys good, entertaining cinema and all are welcome.

Was Friday the 13th a coincidence or was it planned accordingly?
(Laughs) Everyone thinks it was planned but it was a pure coincidence. We’d planned the Horror Fest across 7 cities in summer and it so happened that April happens to have a Friday that is the 13th. It just fell in place, guess the devil conspired in our favour :)

What are the other surprises in store for us after the Horror Fest?
Well, you can surely expect to meet some film guests who are currently working on a horror-thriller to be there interacting with our audience members. And besides, if I do disclose the other stuff planned, it wouldn’t be a surprise then :)

Where will the screening take place – timings and entry fee?
It’s at Eros Preview Theatre, Eros Cinema, Churchgate at 6.30 pm. Entry is FREE and seating on First Come First Serve basis.

- Suezelle

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