Stylist Avani Presents A Curly-Haired Girl’s Haircare Guide

Okay, so you love your curly locks, but managing them is a full-time job. Using the right products, checking for the humidity and going for a haircut all seem like a chore when you have crazy curls. To make your job simpler, we spoke with hairstylist Avani from Happy In The Head, who gave us some invaluable tips on taming those unruly curls and giving them a beautiful bounce.

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1. Summer. Heat. Frizz. Crazy curls? Is there a quick, emergency solution?
“Emergency, you say? Dab on a little serum or Moroccan oil (buy here) on your hair. It beats the frizz and keeps the hair looking glossy. If you have fine curly hair use a serum spray instead, because it is light and won’t make your hair greasy.”

2. Any fantastic hair products that will turn me from Hermione Granger to Sarah Jessica Parker?
“You must use leave-in conditioners and scrunch damp hair during the day. For the evening, opt for curl booster gel.
I would suggest Pantene oil replacement leave-in cream (buy it at major beauty stores like Beauty Center in Mumbai), FX Moroccon moisture spray (buy here) and Johnson’s baby oil (buy here). The first two are ideal for everyday use; the latter should be used as a last-minute resort as it is natural and light.”

3. I’m not into using a lot of chemicals; can I try some home remedies?
“For curls, home remedies are not foolproof, but you can try these for a softer look.
a. Shampoo your hair with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar. Rinse with cold water.
b. Mildly heat olive or coconut oil and apply evenly through the scalp. Put a hot water towel, wrap your hair in a turban and keep for 20 minutes. Wash with cold water.
c. Mash avocado and mix with curd. Use this twice a week to moisturise your hair.”

4. What is a complete no-no for curls?
“Combing is the worst thing you can do to curls. Would you ever iron a crushed dupatta? Combing break the twirls and alters the character of your hair, making it frizzy. If you absolutely need to, use a wide-toothed comb on damp hair when you come out of a shower to detangle it.”

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5. Layers, steps, disconnect? What kind of haircut should I go for? Would a super short pixie work for me?
“Opt for a cut that exaggerates movement but still tames your hair. Try layers or disconnect if your profession allows it. Personally, I like to experiment with different lengths of hair when it comes to curls. If you want a short bob or pixie, ensure that there are soft layers instead of a bushy, single cut. Take inspiration from Sheetal Mallar and Kangana Ranaut—they wear their curls with pride.”

6. Those cool braiding tutorials on YouTube NEVER work for my bushy hair. What hairstyle is right for me?
“There are many fun hairstyles you can try. Go for messy buns, twisties or fishtail braids. For a more formal occasion, try to flatten the top and front, so it’s glossy and works well with a lovely side-do.”

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7. What precautions do I need to take for the monsoon?
“Avoid Monica-esque hair in humidity by wearing a scarf or hood and keeping your hair away from the rain. Always keep them tied while travelling and shampoo whenever your hair gets wet. Conditioner will be your best friend this season.”

8. I don’t have Maggie noodle curls; I have soft curls. Do the same rules apply to me? Is there a specific product I should try?
“The same rules would usually apply to you. However, you should opt for mild curl-enhancing products if you have soft curls or waves. For instance, instead of a cream-based product, use something light like mousse or spray serum. And use it in less quantity.”

9. What is your latest hair obsession?
“Currently, I’m obsessing over asymmetry and buzzes for both men and women, along with lovely summer candy colours.”

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10. Hair commandments you live by?

a. Know thy hair type.
Know and accept your hair type; this makes it easier for you and your stylist to create a great look. Don’t battle with your hair.

b. Love thy conditioner more than thy boyfriend.
You know moisturisers are like food for your skin, then why skip the conditioners? Make the conditioner bottle an essential part of your beauty kit, and you will have happy hair. Want to know more about your curls and straight hair and get a gorgeous haircut? Head over to Happy In The Head salon and speak to Avani, and play with her adorable cats.

Avani has studied the art of  hairstyling and cutting at b:blunt and worked with salons like mad o wot.

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