Customer Review: Terrible Experience at Aroma Thai

A friend of mine and I had some time to kill so we decided to give our tired feet some pampering. Little did we know it was going to be torture!

We had scheduled two foot reflexology appointments at Aroma Thai, Mahalaxmi on Sunday November 20th for 7:45pm. We arrived there 5-7 minutes early and just as we entered the spa, we received a call from the receptionist saying in an extremely casual manner, “Oh, there’s no need to rush. You can come in 20 minutes or so as we are running late.” While I appreciate the call, what am I going to do with a call 5 minutes before my appointment and after I have already reached the venue? This was just the beginning of the worst spa experience I have ever had.

While we are waiting, the receptionist again unapologetically says we are running 30 minutes behind and you will have to wait. THIRTY Minutes? after having an appointment? That’s extremely unprofessional. You expect a high end spa to have a good booking and time management system in place.

We had made appointments for foot reflexology but because of the delay we both agreed to get body massages instead. I got taken into my massage within 5 minutes, but then the massage experience made me regret picking it.

The only thing that was decent about my experience was that the masseuse was good, well trained and very polite. However the massage room itself and the way the place was constructed was not inviting. The massage room faced out onto the busy Breach Candy-Mahalaxmi Road so instead of relaxing all one can hear is the traffic and the honking of cars and buses going by. The door of the massage room is a sliding door that forces you to hear every word spoken on the outside, every footstep and every creak. In fact at one point 2 therapists were arguing in the next room so loudly I had to stop the massage and ask my therapist to request them to keep quiet.

When I got out of the massage, my friend was sitting there waiting, which I was surprised about as I thought he had gone in after me. This is what happened with him. He was made to wait 25 minutes after being told it was going to be a 5 minute wait, so then he opted for a 30-minute foot massage as by then it would mean I would have to wait 25 minutes when I was done, so he decided to just do 30 minutes and we both would be done at the same time.

His foot massage was and he counted, exactly for 19 minutes. A thirty minute foot massage for Rs. 790 and the therapist gives you 19 minutes? Again, not acceptable and completely appalling. In fact the customer who walked out after us said the same thing. That he felt his massage was too short and the quality of the place had gone down.

This was the first time I had been to Aroma Thai. And I doubt I will ever go back.

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