‘Our Customers Love Us for Giving Them What They Want’

The Purple Sack? Why purple? Why sack? What is this all about?

This is the exact reaction the founders of this accessories label want from you and me! The Purple Sack (TPS), a label that was born after two young girls Pratiti Bansal (23) and Tanvi Gupta (22) could not find good Karigars to stitch a few bags for them. “We were working on a college project and had to get some bags stitched. We ran around Delhi to find good karigars to do them and that’s when we thought of having something of our own,” Tanvi said. The duo kick started TPS a year ago by assisting a few designers at the Lakme Fashion Week and Wills Fashion Week and then diversified into other product lines.

Their products include fashion accessories like bags, belts, lockets, key chains, brooches, hair bands, bag hangings and so on. Sometimes, their customers choose from the ready products, but most of the time, they place their order. “Our customers usually pick products like a wallet or a laptop bag, but we get a lot of orders with a customised purpose, use, colour and most importantly material,” Tanvi revealed. Well, this is not all. As the two ladies believe in experimenting as much as possible, they would also like to make our homes look pretty. “We are planning a new range for small home products like coasters, pen stands, wall clocks and photo frames,” she added.

The duo take around 15-20 days to complete an order as they handle every stage of production to provide the best to their customers. To this Pratiti said, “Our customers love us for giving them what they want. We keep in mind their budget, purpose of use and the quality of each product.” However, according to the founders, delivery of the product is the biggest challenge. “We do not have a retail place and there’s not much publicity yet.  In this case reaching our audience becomes difficult,” she added.

This set of two chose this name as the colour purple is versatile. “Be it royal, traditional, funky or cool, we feel ‘Purple’ works for all. And the ‘Sack’ because people use a sack to fill in stuff, and once you enter The Purple Sack you will do the same — keep filling your sack,” said Tanvi.

- Suezelle D’Costa

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