Customize Your Teacakes And Themecakes

Who doesn’t love a good pampering of the senses? Lately, cupcakes seem to be the easiest way to do just that. We refuse to believe a person would have a missing sweet tooth. So, for those who live in denial of one, cupcakes offer the best respite from all the big, gooey cakes that tend to get slightly over-whelming.

Making the most of one of our weaknesses (not that we mind) is Pallavi Sheth and her I Love Babycakes venture, as she whooshes past life baking cakes, something that she has been doing since she was just 9 years old.
Realizing that the time was just right when her younger one was two and a half years old, she launched I Love Babycakes in August 2009 and started baking in the sanctity of her home kitchen. Even though her loyal oven serves her well even to this date, she has plans to move to a commercial one within the next couple of months because of the boom her business has seen. The most fascinating snippet in Pallavi Sheth’s story would be that she hasn’t had any professional training in Baking or Home Science. Her love for baking got her here. Due to that, she also prefers doing everything in her kitchen herself, right from grating carrots to putting the icing on the top.
The tea-cakes and theme-cakes from her arsenal of recipes is what pushed her onto the spotlight. But her DIY kits enjoy a different kind of fame altogether. For example, ‘Decorate your own cupcakes’ kit includes sprinklers, a disposable piping tube, a jar of icing, a disposable knife and a candle, while options involving ‘Baking cookies’, dough is also included. The DIY kits also include a scroll that has information about the temperature the oven needs to be set at or the duration for which it needs to be kept in the oven.
Retailing from The Bombay Store and from inside Metro Big Cinemas, Pallavi Sheth excitedly tells us that the response that she has received has been nothing short of stupendous!
For more details, you can contact her at 9820120098 or write to her at
For more information on her retail outlets, The Bombay Store is open 7 days a week, Monday to Saturday between 10:30 am and 7:30 pm and on Sunday from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm. Metro Big Cinemas is open on all days from 10:30 am to midnight.
You can also visit her website here.
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