Valentine’s Day Gift: A Customized Shirt for Your Man

WhiteLooking for something classy and customized to gift your boyfriend / hubby this Valentine’s Day without burning a giant hole in your pocket?

Along comes, a men’s apparel label that exclusively retails made-to-measure shirts for men, with fabrics sourced exclusively from European mills.

From making sure that the fit is perfect, to choosing the shape of the front pocket, and the tiniest details including button style and personalizing the shirt wit h his initials, this is about as custom as it gets. And all of this at less than Rs. 2000. What’s more, both shipping across India is free and alterations for the first shirt are for no charge as well.

The Six Stigma

We had a bit of fun mixing and matching the different styles of shirts and realized that men’s shirts really can have a lot of science behind them! We also came across what Vitruvien calls the “Six Stigma” - Collar Choke, Droopy Shoulders, Peepholes & Parachutes, Grandfather Sleeves, Muffin Fit and Shirt Dress. Oh, it’s going to be great fun to knowledgeably tell our male friends that, “Oh look! You’ve got a muffin fit!”


Jokes aside, here’s exactly what goes into building that customized shirt at Vitruvien:

1. Finest Fabric: Majority of the fabrics are made from Egyptian Giza Cotton, the world standard for the exclusivity in fabrics. Each fabric is handpicked to ensure  quality so it drapes luxuriously. They even help you out with what fabrics you should pick out for specific occasions.

2. Expert Tailoring: A heritage of over 80 years in custom tailoring, ensures that each Vitruvien shirt gets the same level of attention. 22 measurements are used to make each shirt with cross-stitched buttons, soft double interlining for collars and single needle stitching. The shirts are produced at a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit in Mumbai.

3. Accessible Customizations: With the use of innovative online technology, the choice of customization is in your hands. You can design every part of the shirt, from the collar, cuff, pocket, placket, right down to the smallest button. Worry not, they will help you out when it comes to mixing and matching styles

4. Tailored Fit in the Comfort of your Home: We are all fans of online shopping, and the days we forget that, we go for a quick shopping trip to remind us of the hassles of real life malls, from battling the traffic to get there to waiting in queues for the fitting line and payments counter. With Vitruvien, you can customize the collar size, shirt length or sleeve length; you can even send in his best fitted shirt to copy its fit (we know he might miss it, but it’s all for a good cause, right?). Or use the easy step-by-step video guide to share his Body or Shirt measurements (its going to be trickier to do this without him finding out what you’re upto!). Adding to the convenience factor, once you create a measurement profile in his name, it gets saved to his account for a repeat experience.

Vitruvien Shirts

On why customize, founder Puneeta G says “We understand it doesn’t matter how great the shirts look, if they don’t fit well. That’s why at Vitruvien, we take ‘fit’ very seriously. Every Vitruvien shirt is individually hand cut to every customer’s unique measurements. Our pursuit is to offer a unique balance of expert custom tailoring and accessible fashion.

So ladies, we say you get designing already. And do share an image of your man in his fabulous customized shirt with us once you have it.

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