7 Ways You’re SERIOUSLY Damaging Your Skin At Night

Alright, sleeping beauty, listen up! You could be causing acne, wrinkles and skin dryness in spite of doing everything right in the day. Your night schedule could be ruining your skin slowly and you wouldn’t even realise. Here are eight ways you are seriously harming your face after hours.

Damaging Your Skin At Night
1. Under Or Over Cleansing
Have you been lazy and slept with makeup on again, or skipped your cleansing routine? Well, you know you’re only going to prematurely age your skin. However, even if you’ve been religiously following this schedule, you could be causing damage. Using too much product or scrubbing hard can peel the first layer of your skin, making it vulnerable. Ensure that you cleanse-tone-moisturise using products especially for the night and give it a break once in a while during a relaxed weekend.

2. Lose Locks
Love those tresses? Then protect them and your face when you sleep by tying them up. Tie a braid or a ponytail to ensure that your hair does not transfer the dirt and oil gathered during the day to your face.

3. Dirty, Harsh Pillow Cases & Sheets
Mom was right, ladies—you need to change and wash your sheets often, at least once or twice a week. Also, switch over to satin pillowcases that are soft on your face and neck and don’t leave marks.

4. Midnight Snack
It’s fine to binge on a packet of chips or instant noodles once in a while, but we advise you to refrain from doing that too often. When you eat sugary or salty items right before you hit the sack, your body gets confused, so you get disturbed sleep, slow metabolism and acne.

5. Late-Night Drinking
So you’re a party girl? You really need to drink carefully, especially not right before you sleep. Pick drinks that are diluted and have high water content rather than strong ones. For instance, pick a hard drink with juice instead of an on the rocks one. And stock up your system with water. Waking up dehydrated will leave you with a hangover and dry skin.

6. Sleeping With Gadgets
We know it’s nearly impossible to stay without your smartphone and tablet. But, before sleeping, put them off for a while and relax in the darkness. This will help your body adjust to the surroundings and sleep peacefully.

7. Adequate Sleep
Finally, you need to listen to your body and sleep as much as it needs. While eight to 10 hours is the average sleep needed, you may need more or less. So understand how much rest your body needs and plan your day accordingly. Under or oversleeping can also be a cause of ageing and pimpled skin.

Follow these ips before you sleep at night and we’re sure you’ll wake up more beautiful.

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