From Hair Molesting To Boob Pumping: 25 HILARIOUS Dance Moves Of Women

No matter if you move like Mouni Roy from Jhalak Dikhla Jaa or Monica Gellar in a fat suit from Friends, we know you love to dance—especially if your favourite song is playing. And let’s face it, alcohol changes the way we think about our dancing abilities (LOL).

So we found this hilarious video that shows the most common dance moves of girls at a party. Here are a few of them. And if you’re wondering what each of these are, scroll down to see the video which shows them to you.

1. Fist Bump
2. Jumping Fist Bump
3. Side To Side Body Wave
4. Hair Molester
5. Boob Pumping
6. The Worm
7. Bottle Dancer
8. Drunk Bottle Dancer
9. Off Beat Dancer
10. Armpit Show-Off
11. Swing
12. Car Wash
13. Double Car Wash
14. Finger Pointer
15. Clumsy
16. Sl*t Hip Dance
17. Awkward
18. Come To Me
19. Over Dramatic
20. Hands Up And Hands Down
21. Limbo Rock
22. Ahbeng
23. Fail Tecktonik
24. Self Molester
25. ‘I Know Everyone’ Move

Which number is your dance move? Check out this hilarious video to learn more.

We’re sure you can share with a few friends who dance in these particular ways. Do share your thoughts with us!

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