6 Dance Workouts To Help You Go From Flab to Fab

We know how much you love letting your hair down at nightclubs. We also know how much you hate going to the gym the next morning. Well, why not take dancing to the gym?

It doesn’t take much to fling your arms and legs in the air, but there are certain dance workouts that you can enjoy without even realising the health benefits. If you’re the party girl that is just looking for an excuse to shake a leg, then this one’s for you.

1) Belly Dance

This ancient dance form is a great way to tone several muscles at one time—neck, back, arms, abs, pelvis and legs. The intricate movements improve body balance, relieve stress and aid in weight loss without putting any undue pressure on the body. Besides, belly dancing has also been known to raise self-esteem. So come on, shimmy away that ab flab!

2) Ballet

Those ballerinas weren’t all born with those bodies, you know. Ballet is one of the toughest dance forms in the world because it works on your core. The biggest advantage of ballet is that it gives you an upright posture, which automatically begins to tone your muscles. It makes you both strong and flexible at the same time.

3) Bollywood

bollywood dance
Get together all the Sheilas, Munnis and Pinkys in your locality; it’s time to shake it like Shammi. This style combines classical Indian dance forms with contemporary ones to give you the best of both worlds. Co-ordination and grace will be your two biggest takeaways.

4) Salsa

Grab a partner and hit the floor. This energetic dance form involves fluid, quick movements which will make you lithe and agile. It sure lives by its name—hot—and keeps you coming back for more.

5) Zumba

Zumba is a Latin form of aerobics that merges flexibility and fun. The steps are simple but hugely effective in working your cardiovascular muscles and reducing body fat. Give it a shot, we promise it’ll be worth it.

6) Ballroom

Ballroom dancing
If you’ve wanted to try ballroom dancing with your partner ever since you saw Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez setting fire to the screen in Shall We Dance?, now’s your chance. The intensity of this form helps build endurance, increase heart rate, develop bone strength and sharpen your mind.

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Try these and show the world what you’re truly made of!

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