Day to Night Looks by Ri(t)ch Styles


Fashion expert and blogger, Ri(t)ch Styles has put together 2 fabulous looks for us with 2 gorgeous dresses from Shop InOnIt that are on her wishlist and she also gives us tips on how to carry off each look.

“I created two looks for each dress to take them from day to night as remixing my closet is something I love. Having a full time day job, I created a look for each dress to wear to work and then a look for each for a night out as I also socialize quite a bit,” says the style diva.


The Blue Trapeze Dress

The Blue Trapeze Dress

White and blue is an evergreen combination and soothing for a day at work. Throw on a white blazer and a pair of wedge heels for comfort and keep the make-up and jewellery light. 


Colour-blocking is a rage these days and blue is one of the friendliest colours to play around with. I’ve paired it with sea-green, coral and yellow to add a colourful pop to the outfit. 


The Orange Cut-out Sheath Dress

The Orange Cut-out Sheath Dress


Have you ever tried wearing your dresses as skirts? Well it’s really simple like how I have done it here. Wear a black peplum top over your dress thereby transforming your dress into a skirt, and you have an outfit modest enough for work without attention being drawn to an eye-catching neckline. Wear not-so-high heels to keep your feet from getting tired while you zip around at work. 


While black is a prominent colour in the dress, it’s not necessary that you refer to only black while accessorizing. Orange is a colour that corresponds well with metallic colours especially gold and that is what I have used to accentuate this dress. 


We love how Ritcha has created 2 completely different yet trendy looks with each dress. For more style tips and fashion updates  by Ritcha visit her blog

You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.


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