6 Quick Steps to De-clutter Your Wardrobe

Feel that your closet is in a mess?

Do you always feel that your closet is in a mess? You want to wear a particular dress and instead you get something else in your hand and you think, “When did I buy this?” An unorganized wardrobe can lead to clutter, tardiness and stress.

Your closet should be a place where every piece should make you feel proud of your investments. The very fashionable Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City so rightly quoted “I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet.”

It’s now time to streamline and feel amazing about your beautifully organized wardrobe. A little work, some closet therapy and maintenance will save you a great deal of stress. Any good organization starts with listing your items which you no longer need, want to use, or should be wearing.

Now let’s get you started.

1. First, begin with your clothes, and make three piles: new, old and may or may not wear.  Start sifting through the old and maybe piles to find clothing you want to give away. Now, don’t get too sentimental in giving away clothes that you have not worn for a while and do not intend to wear anymore. Give them to cousins, donate them or think creatively and turn them into something new altogether! (See DIY Ideas here)
2. Turn your attention to your intimates now, get rid of anything that is old, torn or faded. Believe me, you will be relieved to not see them in your underwear drawer again.
3. Now let’s have a look at your accessories; does your collection look like an entangled messy heap of trinkets? Right, so this is what you need to do. Roll up your belts or hang them using a belt hanger, or if you do not have too many, you can simply use the hooks on the inside of your closet doors. Keep your small accessories like earrings, neck-pieces, cuffs etc separated in small pouches or boxes as they can easily get tangled and damaged. You can label the pouches and boxes so that you can find what you are looking for quickly.
If you love collecting and using hair accessories, check out the kesh tails, a hair accessories organizer on a simple wooden comb, that will make sure you never misplace your pins and clips.

Hair Accessories Organizer - Kesh Tails

Hair Accessories Organizer – Kesh Tails

4. If you are a scarf lover then, use a tie hanger or even a regular hanger will serve the purpose if you organize them as shown. This becomes an easy way to hang and display them, and makes it very easy to find them too.

Use hangers for scarves

Use hangers for scarves

5. Now getting to the arm candy, your beloved bags. Throw away all those that are worn out beyond repair. Organize them so that it is easy to switch bags based on your outfit or occasion. Keep the clutches and smaller bags in a shelf or drawer and the totes and jholas in a bigger shelf.

6. We all have shelves in our closet so utilize them with items like sweaters, jeans, tees, shirts etc. Label them as office wear, casual wear and evening wear; you will find that it will become so easy for you to pick out what you want to wear.

Now, that you have sorted out everything, make sure you do giveaway all that you do not need or use, and see how organized your wardrobe looks. Congratulate yourself, because you just made room for new and fabulous things to come!

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