De RenÉ Mod Girl Lashes Round Sunglasses Sold Out

De RenÉ Mod Girl Lashes Round Sunglasses

Brand: De Rene
Price: Rs. 2490
For those who love Mod fashion The Who, go-go boots, tailored brilliance and glorious vintage 60s style at its best, this is an absolute must-have. Here’s our little tribute, these sunnies capture style-past in a contemporary way. Whimsical and playful, these leopard rounds come with painted on eyelashes adding that animated oomph to your mod-look. * Frame Width 6.5" / 15.7cm * Frame Height 2.25" / 5.4cm * UV Protected * Signature luxury packaging * Designed & Imported from USA

Color Black, Brown
Occasion Casual
Look Trendy, Chic
Print Animal