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Dead Sea Minerals Face Cream

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Experience the bliss with our precious Dead Sea Salts, from the bed of the lake! Indeed, our Dead Sea salt is a healing treasure, with enhancing and composing effects on the body and mind. Our pure Dead Sea salt has 22 precious minerals, which are bliss to the skin. Bathing and immersing in Dead Sea salt naturally cleanses and regenerates skin, promotes blood circulation and removes dead skin cells. Along with its beauty benefits, it is beneficial to rheumatic pain, unwinds and tones painful areas. Besides bathing, it can be even used for washing your face and happens to be excellent against acne. Additionally, our raw salt seeps into skin and makes it toned and firm, working away the cellulite. Immerse in the rawness of the Dead Sea and its untouched aroma. Put some salt in a warm bath tub/jacuzzi, dip inn and unwind; you may also use our perfect Dead Sea Mud Scrub and feel the power of rejuvenation ! Feel yourself completely refreshed!