Dealing With Common Wardrobe Malfunctions

You don’t need to be a celebrity to be a victim of embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. There are loads of sartorial mishaps that have happened to all of us at some point of time. We list some of the common problems when clothes don’t cooperate and how to save yourself from those awkward situations.

Some celebrity victims of wardrobe malfunctions

Some celebrity victims of wardrobe malfunctions

Ripped tights/stockings
Ripped tights and runs in stockings are so common, we’ve all probably faced this problem. Obviously, there is no way to fix a rip but you can prevent it from growing bigger. Clear nail polish, quick drying glue or some hairspray around the edges of the tear are a quick fix till you get a chance to change.

Missed belt loops and buttons
These are classic mistakes that can happen so often but can make you seem like a sloppy dresser. A missed belt loop can make your pants hang weirdly and misaligned buttons not only look messy but also allow embarrassing gaps for others to peep into your clothes. Before rushing out, take a minute to look closely in the mirror to ensure you haven’t missed any buttons or belt loops.

Undone zippers
Being asked to check your fly is one of the most awkward situations. If your pants come with a problematic zipper than pin it from the inside to avoid your zipper from coming undone constantly.  In case your zipper gets stuck, don’t panic. Just rub some lip balm onto the teeth to help zip it up smoothly.

The problem with black
Some black clothes and fabrics in other colours as well, may seem opaque  but turn suddenly sheer under bright lights and camera flashes, leading to some inappropriate photographs and ruining what you thought was a classy outfit. Avoid a humiliating situation like this by thoroughly checking your outfit at home. Put your hand inside your top or dress and hold it up towards the light to see if it turns translucent. Another trick is to make use of your camera phone by clicking yourself using the flash to check before stepping out.

Strong winds
You may feel ultra cute and confident in your trendy summer dress, till an enthusiastic gust of wind comes along and blows your skirtwhen the wind blows right up. It may sound amusing till it happens to you. There’s no way to control the way the wind blows, but you can save yourself from mortifying situations by wearing boy shorts underneath to avoid giving the world a brilliant view of your derriere.

Uncomfortable shoes
Shoes that hurt your feet can make you walk funny and cause painful blisters on your feet. New shoes need to be worn in, remember this before your wear an uncomfy pair of shoes to a meeting or interview and your footwear turns against you. If you must, then carry an extra pair and only put them on just before you go in.

Sweat stains
No matter how many cans of deodorant you get through, sweat is something even the luckiest of us can’t escape, especially with summer here. Prevent ugly armpit stains by wearing an undershirt or use baby powder to sap up perspiration.


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