Decoding The Lingerie Mystery; Which One Is Right For You!

Finding the Best Lingerie for Your Body TypeInstead of feeling confident, attractive, and sexy when shopping for lingerie, many women find themselves feeling insecure and deflated about their body. Shopping for lingerie should be a fun activity that makes a woman feel empowered, for lingerie should make a woman feel confident about her own body.

Just like clothing, there are certain cuts and styles of lingerie that complement certain body types better than others. Before purchasing lingerie, be sure you have found something you feel comfortable in. If you feel the cut accentuates any areas you are insecure about, is too risqué for your taste, or is just downright uncomfortable, pass the lingerie by and look for pieces that accentuate your best assets.

If you favour your legs, draw attention by wearing a garter. Or, if you love your chest, choose a designer bra that is tighter and offers more cleavage, making that the focus of your outfit.

So, when it comes time to shop for lingerie, keep these styles in mind for what cut is best suited for your body.

Plus-sized Women

plus sized woman

As a full-figured woman, consider choosing a teddy (which covers the torso and crotch) or negligee. Most women who carry a little extra weight tend to feel uncomfortable in anything smaller or more revealing, thus one-piece sets are a classic, timeless choice that is extremely flattering. They tend to emphasise the waist, which is many women’s favourite part of their body, in order to bring out womanly, attractive curves.

Curvy Women

curvy women

Typically, curvy women tend to have an hourglass, Marilyn Monroe-type figure. As such, with a small waist accompanied by voluptuous curves, corsets and garters are a great choice. This type of lingerie is flattering to the body’s womanly curves, emphasising all of the right places.

Petite Women

Petite woman

When it comes to dressing a petite frame, a good rule of thumb is to stay away from thong panties, for they often shorten the body with their cut. Instead, look to traditional panties and boy shorts. And, since most petite women have shorter legs, look for negligees with a slit up the leg, for it will make the leg appear longer.

Athletic Women

athletic woman

Athletic women often have muscular legs and toned bodies, which make boy shorts an excellent choice. Because of how boy shorts are cut, they are particularly flattering to those who have toned butts. However, many athletic women complain about having a small, flatter chest. Finding a push-up bra that fits properly can help to accentuate cleavage. For those with a smaller chest, avoid strapless bras and instead opt for a halter or razorback to highlight the chest area.

Tall Women

tall woman

For tall women, consider purchasing traditional, classic lingerie that emphasises long legs and a lean torso in order to elongate the body. Traditional bras, panties and garter belts reveal a classic beauty that makes women look and feel sexy, attractive and desired.

Since the purpose of lingerie is to expose a woman’s natural beauty, these tips are just guidelines. Have fun and choose whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

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