Fashion Face-Off: Deepika Vs. Katrina

The two current reigning queens of Bollywood cinema Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif, are known for giving blockbuster hits and endorsing many products and brands with their pretty faces. But we did some digging and realized that not just their taste in men, but their sense of style can also be very similar. But let’s see who wore it better, shall we? Here goes: Deepika Vs. Katrina

Airport Style

OMG…Exact same outfits! Guess they do have similar taste after all. Orange pants, and a cream top with a cardigan and flats is definitely a refreshing summer look to go for and nothing could go wrong here. But we hand this one to Katrina Kaif just for being the first to sport the look.

Deepika vs. Katrina airport style

Plaid it up

Plaid is one of the hottest trends this season, and has been seen on a lot of fashionistas around the world. Katrina paired her pink plaid shirt with a black vest and pants, and sneakers with big white laces and what looks like a mismatched sweatshirt in her hand, whereas Deepika went geek chic as she teamed up her shirt with a white top, torn jeans, sandals and nerd glasses (double trend here!). Deepika wins this one.

Deepika vs. Katrina plaid shirt

Ripped Jeans

Not everyone can walk  like a pro in ripped jeans.While Deepika looks comfortable and carefree in her ripped boyfriend jeans, a leather jacket and shoes, Katrina sports a complete biker girl look with black boots, a white top and a vest, that looks super sexy. We give higher points to Katrina here.

 Deepika vs. Katrina ripped jeans

Glam Gown

Red is hot and never out. Period. Going for a date or a big event function- a fitted red gown is always a safe bet. Both these beauties opted for a backless gown with minimal /no accessories to wear. But we were partial to Deepika’s bold look with her red hot lipstick and updo, which made her look like a million bucks. Don’t you agree?

Deepika vs. Katrina red gown

So it’s a tie-breaker for this time. Comment below and tell us what you think of each of their looks and if you agree with us.

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