Review: Delicious Cupcakes With “Icing On Top”

What would you ask for on a hot sunny Tuesday afternoon? Air conditioning? Lunch? Internet? Of course, we had all of that. We were sitting in office, glued to our laptops, having just finished lunch, with the air conditioning making us comfortable and sleepy. And that’s just when we get a special delivery, right to our office. Well, more or less. We had expected it; we just hadn’t expected ‘all of it’. A very special, large, tempting delivery from Icing On Top had just arrived and brought us back to life.

The parcel was big. In fact ‘big’ is a bit of an understatement. It was three large plastic bags, filled with neatly packaged boxes, over boxes, over some more boxes, and finally topped off with a bag of pancake mix. And it came along with a little note from the benefactor, Ayushi Shah, in neat little handwriting with a rundown of everything in the three large plastic bags.

As we unpacked it wondering how we would devour the generosity sent especially for us, each person had something or the other to say. Weight watchers were worried that they would have to run 10 extra laps if they indulged, some of us pondered out aloud about how many days it would take to finish the lot and the empathic few wanted to share some of the goodies with those who were absent for the day. But needless to say, in the end, we all indulged and happily at that.

What was in the bags and boxes, you might ask? Of course more than just obliged to tell you, the list is large. The bag at the top was filled with a ready-to-make mix for Chocolate Chip Pancakes. The boxes which it rested upon, seven to be precise, were filled with cookies. Approval for the Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon, Cranberry and Raspberry + Star Anise cookies was unanimous, while the Oaty Caramel Crunch, Lemon and Coffee-Almond cookies were hit and miss with a few positives and a few not so favourably inclined. Moving onto the next big bag; it had a box stuffed with delicious Mudpie right at the top, which we were told would be better if eaten warm. Once we got past the Mudpie box, and looked into the next neatly packaged box, we found ourselves cleaning the floor with drool and open jaws as bright smiles took a break to bite and chew into the ever popular and everyone’s favourite, Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes. The delicious cheesecakes were light and flaky, which is just as we love them, and as everyone grabbed one each, the office was dead-silent for 4 minutes. Somehow we were painfully aware that we had taken too much time off work, so we took a break from our eating and got back to serious business. But it was like the last bag was calling out to us and we had to give it its due respect. This bag had a box of cupcakes, something we were anxiously looking forward to. These cupcakes with icing on top were enjoyed by all – Belgian Chocolate, Blueberry, Oreo Cookie and Vanilla. The last box at the bottom of the third bag had something quite interesting, two different kinds of yogurt. Light and fluffy, the Orange Zest Baked Yogurt with Crème Anglaise and Pistacio was tangy and nice, while the Cinnamon Baked Yogurt with Almonds and Coffee Creme was no let down with beautiful flavours that left us delighted.

The packaging deserves special mention. Since you can only order over the phone and it is delivered to you, the packaging is done very carefully. The cupcakes and cheescakes were neatly packed in boxes with grooves so they wouldn’t move around during delivery. The cookies were packed in air tight clear plastic boxes. The boxes had the logos of Icing On Top on attractive labels to do justice to what lay within.

It’s amazing how something as simple as desserts can give us such immense joy, isn’t it? You definitely want to try the Mini Blueberry Cheesecake, we loved it. Among the cookies, Chocolate Chip is always popular and shouldn’t be missed, but don’t forget to indulge the Cinnamon and Cranberry as well. Both the yogurts are fabulous. And finally coming to the cupcakes,  give into your temptations – it’s worth it.

- Sean Sequeira

To order for any of the delicious desserts, call Ayushi Shah at 9867013315. To check out more on Icing On Top, visit their wesite: You can also find them on their Facebook page here.

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