Designer Krsna Mehta Puts Together An Indian Circus


India Circus on Shop InOnIt

India Circus on Shop InOnIt


Designer, Krsna Mehta has just launched his latest lifestyle and home decor collection, India Circus. True to his style, the label is inspired by all things Indian and is a fascinating curation of bright colours and delightful prints including ikats, paisleys and peacocks. With an all-Indian palette, India Circus is a unique and quirky label; its products can be used in various aspects of daily life and are very affordable. We speak to Krsna Mehta to know more about the collection that expresses his vision of contemporary India.


Krsna Mehta

Krsna Mehta

What was the first thing you ever designed?

I got interested in designing at a very young age. The first thing I probably designed was a cushion cover for my dad’s store Zeba, at the age of 16.

All your labels are extremely vibrant and attention grabbing. How is India Circus different from your other labels?

Well, up until now, my work has always been commissioned by other brands. India Circus is my own venture. It is where all my design philosophies can be found amalgamated under one roof in a unique philosophy of its own. If you see our selections, we have different collections within India Circus that follow a certain design philosophy.

All your work is based on life in India – be it auto rickshaws or roadside chai. How do you come up with innovative ways to represent all this in every collection and label?

India in her very essence is my inspiration. I am inspired by all things Indian. I get inspired by things like the roadside chai-walas and also India’s rich historical heritage. Thus, I incorporate all of my India based inspiration in my work and translate that inspiration into a design philosophy that is contemporary India.

What is India Circus’ primary target audience?

The target audience is the person who appreciates contemporary India. So it would appeal to indophiles, individuals with a penchant for style and quality and colour connoisseurs.

 Tell us how the name ‘India Circus’ came about.

When I was deciding the creative path that we were going to take with India Circus, it occurred to me that the absolute diversity from which I draw inspiration is so vast that once they are all under one roof, it would be nothing short of a circus… an Indian Circus. Thus the name was born.

Which is that one thing you wish you had designed?

Well, honestly, I often do wish I was there during the Mogul period. The grandeur of that era’s work still echoes today. In fact, I am often inspired by that period. The kind of designs and the beauty in its intricacy is absolutely breathtaking. I would have definitely liked to have designed a grand structure during that era.

We love your eye-catching prints and designs. Are there any plans of coming out with an apparels collection?

I have never designed clothing, though I am interested in designing  apparel. Who knows- maybe someday I’ll venture into clothing!

As told to Priyanka Ghura

India Circus

India Circus

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