Designer Speak: Priyanshi of Rossoyuki

Priyanshi of Rossoyuki is with us this week, for a special Valentine’s Day feature. Rossoyuki is a brand that allows its striking pieces to speak for themselves. With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, we are sure you’ll find something you love from these glamorously luxurious offerings.

rossoyuki by priyanshi

Check out the story behind Rossoyuki by Priyanshi.

What’s the story behind the name Rossoyuki?
The unique name is a combination of the Italian word “Rosso” meaning ‘Red’ and the Japanese word “Yuki” that stands for ‘Snowflake’. The combining words of red snowflakes symbolize the eclectic yet classic designs that will be created by the House of “Rossoyuki”.

What was the creative process behind the fabulous designs of Rossoyuki?
After I finished my education at Milan, I travelled through Jaipur, Jammu, and Kolkata; and became very interested in the handmade embroidery that the artisans were doing. After that, I travelled to Japan where I saw the microbeads, which fascinated me. I thought of mixing those together with the handmade embroidery process. Then I got interested in French painting and Indian tribal painting. There began the process of painting with beads. Also, we use no animal products. We use faux leather.

Tell us more about your different collections.
The three ranges in the collection of “Rossoyuki” are:


Pure Victorian glamour. The front and back of each frame are different, so each can be worn differently to compliment any kind of outfit.


priyanshi of rossoyuki


These are avant-garde styles, and you know they’ll surely make a statement and stand out in any crowd.

priyanshi of rossoyuki


This one is all about pop culture and prints from the wild  - for the young at heart.

priyanshi of rossoyuki

How long does it take to produce each bag?
It takes five to six weeks per bag because each microbead is sewn on by hand one at the time by the kaarigars. It is meticulous work and takes a lot of concentration. Each product is unique. We also do customizations on request.

Which is your current favourite global accessory trend, and which is your latest buy?
Plastic and acrylics are very in this season. My latest buy is crystal beads, which we weave into necklaces. It takes one to one and a half days per necklace. We use either thread or wire depending on the kind of necklace we are making. There is one collection with velvet backing but this new collection is solely wire and thread.

Your favourite Rossoyuki collection:
For a wedding: Any from the Poise collection
For a girls’ night out: Preen and Palette
For a date: Preen and Palette

Which would you suggest as ideal for Valentine’s Day?
For an experimental look, I would suggest the red giraffe clutch. It’s fun and kitschy.
For a vintage outfit, I would suggest any of the pieces from the Poise collection.
A classic that works every time would be the Poise collection for sure, since it goes with everything, be it a ball gown or a saree.

priyanshi of rossoyuki

Which is your personal favourite?
The Preen collection, because my personal style is very avant-garde, and Preen captures that spirit.

Priyanshi, what are your plans for Valentine’s day?
Oh, I’ll be off to Lonavla or Alibaug.

What from your collection are you planning to carry?
I think I’ll carry something from Palette. Since the weather is currently pleasant and a little cold, so maybe I’ll wear it with a cardigan and a dress, or leggings with a pretty top!

What is your style mantra?
I’d like to say that you should always be comfortable in what you wear, because that’s when you look the best. Being yourself is the most attractive thing there is.

Priyanshi of Rossoyuki

Priyanshi of Rossoyuki

Take a look at some of the luxurious offerings from Rossoyuki.


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