‘Designing is a fun job,’ says Samira Gupta, Studio EkSaat

With the need to get away from corporate plug-chug work and move into a space in which design added value to a brand, Samira Gupta (visual designer) and Dhritiman Deb Pillai (product & environments designer) started Studio Eksaat. A collaborative graphics and environments studio,in January 2011. Shop InOnIt speaks with Samira to know more about the “Things” Studio Eksaat creates:

Samira Gupta and Dhirtiman Deb Pillai of Studio EkSaat

Tell us about the “Things” by Studio Eksaat.

Over the past few years we’ve seen a surge of products in the market, which maybe beautiful to look at, but don’t cater to your needs. On the other hand there are products that are functional but not so beautiful. Our attempt is to bridge the gap between beautiful and functional. In our product range you will find useful, bright, quirky and colourful things, which help you travel easier, store better and clean less.

Why Eksaat?

The name Eksaat is a take on the numbers 1 and 7. The studio address is 17 and thus – ek and saat in Hindi. The word Eksaat also implies collaboration, which is the core idea behind the studio.

What does your product range include?

Our aim is to build useful everyday lifestyle products. Things that fit in small spaces,can be stored and washed easily, and are generally low on maintenance. Our current range includes Cloth Bags, Cork and Paper Coasters, Gift Items and Work.

What inspires Studio Eksaat to create these products?

Isn’t it high time we stopped selling ‘India’ to India? There is an overdose of kitsch in the market with very little of anything else. Our attempt is to bring in some good, clean, fun to well-designed products. Our mnemonics are really random, highly disproportionate and very bright characters who are meant to remind you to’take it easy’.

Where do you get your ideas from?

Our ideas come directly from our consumerswho love colour, hate cleaning and could use a little help with storage. We listen when people complain, fight, whine and wish. We go out a lot, have fun, take off from work when we feel like it and always keep our eyes and ears open.

What are the challenges Studio Eksaat faces while putting together these designs?

Designing is a fun job! The only challenge is to ensure that the products are useful and easy on the pocket. So we work with materials that are sensible, strong, durable, don’t fade, break or get ruined within a month.

Describe Things by Studio Eksaat in one word.


When do we to see a new collection?

Our new range which is slated to launch inearly November 2012 is an extension of our existing range. We’re creating more travel-easy productsfor the backpacker, weekend traveller and the jet setting corporate.We are also working on a range of DIY cost-effective lamps , fun and quirky brass productsthat are aimed at reinventing existing, boring, functional things, all-purpose illustrated women’s soft jerseys and men’s tees, and quirky furniture piecesthat is easy on the pocket, and for those who need a quick home makeover.


As told to Suezelle D’Costa

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