Dessert Overload at Dinshaw’s Xpress Café

Remember the famous ice cream brand Dinshaw’s? Reminds us of our childhood days when homework was done, and the gift would be a plain cup or cone of vanilla or strawberry ice cream on a school night. What a happy moment that was! 
This age-old famous ice cream maker in India has come back in our lives and promises to keep us happy, just like the good ol’ days. In the form of a tiny red-walled space, Dinshaw’s Xpress Café in Andheri will bring back memories with its signature ice creams that are experimented with, along with new international flavours. 
The café is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a variety of savouries to choose from too, apart from desserts and smoothies, like burgers, crepes, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, pastas and more. 
Their menu does sound pretty tempting. The Cookie Crunch, a mélange of chocolate crunch, butterscotch ice cream and sponge cake mixed with different types of cookies or the Berry Brunch, a medley of strawberry, raspberry and mixed berry with chocolate cookies, bananas and gems, will make you salivate just reading the description.
Of course, your calorie-conscience mind will have to be left at home if you really want to indulge. They will soon have the ice cream burger, where a black currant bun is sandwiched with fresh kiwis and Belgian chocolate ice cream. Slurrp!
Dinshaw’s Xpress Café is open every day from noon to midnight and they also take orders for home delivery. Call the café on 9323737337 to place orders.
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