5 Decadent Desserts That Will Just Melt In Your Mouth

With the influx of cooking shows and almost everyone thinking they’re a masterchef, food has been injected with newfound creativity. While bacon is being treated as the latest undiscovered treasure, dishes are amalgamating to create new hybrid treats. There is a lot going on in the world of food and thankfully that includes desserts. But just because it’s dessert doesn’t mean it has to be sugary sweet. Restaurants across the country are giving the staple cheesecake, chocolate mousse and red velvet anything a miss. If you’re looking to experience some unusual desserts, this list is for you.

Ghevar Cheesecake at Masala Library, Mumbai

ghevar cheesecake masala library

While cheesecakes typically have traditional fruit flavours like mango or strawberry, this contemporary Indian restaurant takes it a step further and introduces what can only be described as a decadent dessert. Ghevar is a traditional Rajasthani sweet and this dish is a delicious amalgamation of East and West.
Phone: 022 6642 4142

Chocolate and Mango Samosa at Malabar Junction, Kochi

chocolate samosa malabar junction

The crispy, crunchy samosa is popular with most people, but when you take out the potato stuffing and fill it with smooth melted chocolate and a dollop of mango coulis, it becomes an instant favourite. This restaurant in Kochi has made chocolate-filled samosas its signature dish for almost a decade now. While you may find the marriage of sweet and savoury unusual, we’re sure you’ll be convinced after the first bite—especially when the chocolate oozes out of the samosa.
Phone: 0484 221 6666

Chocolate Burger at Sliders, Mumbai

chocolate burger sliders

I must confess the idea of a chocolate burger held absolutely no appeal for me till I took  my first bite of this one. This mini burger has a glazed bun, a brownie in the middle with a smear of chocolate sauce or Nutella, a smidgen of strawberry jam to give it some much-needed tartness and a few chocolate chips sprinkled on top.
Phone: 022 6671 0844

Jojo’s Bacon Treat at Zamus, Pune
Long before bacon became the fashionable dessert ingredient that it is today, this legendary Pune restaurant concocted its own bacon-inspired treat. It has crisp strips of honey-glazed bacon which is served with vanilla ice cream, a tinge of spice and some lovely chocolate shavings, making it a basic but delicious, meaty dessert.
Phone: 011 4323 5151

Mishti Doi Cannoli at Indian Accent, Delhi

mishti doi cannolis indian accent

This is Delhi’s hottest restaurant at the moment and getting a reservation is no easy task. However, if you do end up dining here, don’t miss this sinful dessert. The tube-shaped cannolis are stuffed with delicious Bengali mishti doi, making it another brilliant East meets West hybrid.
Phone: 011 4323 5151

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