Di Bella Coffee review: A Cafe With A Bookstore

A coffee house by itself is a nice place to spend some time in the company of friends. A cafe attached to a large book store like Title Waves is a whole different story since you sit there for hours in the company of peace and quiet, and substitute the friends for books.

Step into one of the four Mumbai outlets of Di Bella Coffee, in this case, the cafe attached to Title Waves bookstore in Bandra, and there’s not much to show for with the simple decor. The tables are neatly lined up with comfortable couches and chairs for seating arrangement and a plain whitewash look for the walls with hints of dark brown wood. The music alternates between different genres but is suited for a young generation which likes to listen to music and possibly bob their heads to a nice beat.

Keeping with the new age vibe, Di Bella has done away with the conventional paper, plastic and cardboard for menu cards and has opted for touch screen tablets, which is gaining popularity in the city. The menu is classified into 5 sections with Delicious Food, Signature Coffees, Hot Chocolates, Cool Beverages and Luxury Leaf Tea, wherever required are different subsections which provide a long list of choices. For a quick bite, the BBQ Chicken Sandwich seems like a nice choice to lead with. The sandwich made with tasty grilled bread and delicate pieces of diced chicken is easy to bite into, but disappoints since it doesn’t actually have any barbeque flavours. Nevertheless, the flavours in the sandwich make for a nice quick bite before moving on to the Fire-Water-Chocolate Fondue, a dessert with a fondue tower, served with fresh seasonal fruits and marshmallows. The fondue is a brilliant dish with strawberry pieces and marshmallows to spear and dip into rich molten chocolate. Really, a dish to savour! Since it is a cafe, it would be obvious to order for a coffee to drink, and the signature coffee, Di Bellaccino, is a tempting choice since it is described as an espresso with caramel flavour and dunked with sweet marshmallows. While the creamy, smooth coffee, served in a koala cup rimmed with dollops of chocolate, is a good choice, the flavoured marshmallows surprisingly don’t go well. Maybe hold the marshmallows or request for non-flavoured marshmallows and you should have a delightful drink. The Iced Mocha is a cold coffee which is served with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles, a nice drink for those who enjoy a nice mocha flavour.

While the staff are a letdown since they can give you no better description of your order than read it off the menu, there is practically no need to call for service since each dish is well described and your order can be placed via the tablet itself; no need to call a waiter to place your order. Press the plus sign and add a drink to the list and place the order which is directly received at the counter, and minutes later arrives at your table.

On average, most coffees are priced steeply from upwards of Rs. 120 for a drink, but for those who enjoy the fine taste of coffee and wouldn’t mind a little splurge, Di Bella Coffee may just be the best place to visit.

A nice place to hangout, this cafe adjacent to a large bookstore, which you can walk in and out of easily, is a nice new addition to the already existent cafes in the city, maybe with a little edge as well.

- Sean Sequeira

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