Your Diet Is Going To Waste! 11 Ways You’re Slowing Your Metabolism

So you’ve given up desserts and replaced them with a treadmill—good. But did you know that the reason you’re still not losing weight is because of your diet and exercise regime.

Yes, while you think you’re doing everything right to shed those extra kilos, there are some common mistakes that everyone makes. These errors result in slowing down your metabolism and slowing the burning of the fat. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Slowing Your Metabolism

1. Less Water Intake
For your body to carry on digestion and other functions, it needs water. And while these functions are going on, the body is burning a whole lot of calories. When there is no water in the system, the body systems are slow, hence making the calorie burning process sluggish. So, drink up!

2. Lack of Vitamin D
Research has shown that when the body lacks Vitamin D, the hormone levels are higher—which means that you feel hungry more often. So unless you want to go on a sudden dessert or carbs binge, we suggest you start taking supplements after consulting your doctor.

3. Ditching Caffeine
Alright, caffeine has a bad reputation. But completely cutting it out of your diet can have an adverse effect on your weight loss programme. Add small quantities of caffeine to your diet to give calorie burning a slight boost.

4. Bingeing On Alcohol
Stop at the first drink—we mean it! Did you know that alcohol can slow down your fat-burning ability by over 70 percent? In fact, your body starts using alcohol as fuel instead of food, so avoid it as far as possible.

5. Starving Diets
If you starve in your diet or go for long hours without eating, you’re not really losing weight—you’re only making your calorie-burning process slow. If the body is used to getting food every few hours, then it processes food faster. So instead of two big meals, opt for four to five small meals.

6. Not Having Balanced Meals
Even if you are having meals at regular intervals, they must be balanced. Going protein crazy and ditching carbs can help you in the short term, but not in the long run.

7. Skipping Dairy Products
As women, we are more prone to calcium deficiency than men—so stick with your fat-free dairy products. Calcium deficiency can also cause fat burning to slow down.

8. Intake Of Chemicals And Pesticides In Foods
Okay, so you’ve been doing everything right, but probably the fault is in your food itself. Yes, you may be in taking a lot of pesticides and chemicals from fresh as well as processed foods. Check the source of your foods as they may be disrupting the body systems and even causing sickness.

9. Cardio Obsessed
It does burn a lot of calories, but doing only cardio will eventually make your body used to a certain form of working out. If you want to lose more weight after you’ve losing a few kilos, mix it up with weight training and other kinds of exercises. Consult your trainer before making the switch.

10. Sleep Deprivation
A good eight to nine hours of sleep ensures that your body gets the necessary rest to repair itself. If you skimp on sleep on a regular basis, your body system is thrown of whack and can cause you to feel unusually hungry or uneasy, causing you to put on weight or slowing down your metabolism.

11. Over-Stressing
Stress is the number one factor for putting on weight; it is also the major cause for reducing your calorie-burning process. Take regular breaks from work and ensure that you engage your mind in a hobby.

Consult your doctor or dietician before trying any of the methods above.

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