Diovanni Trendy Statement Set Of 2 Necklaces Sold Out

Diovanni Trendy Statement Set Of 2 Necklaces

Brand: Diovanni
Price: Rs. 2400
Presenting Style that multiplies! Which girl wouldn't love a versatile necklace that can turn into two necklaces! The first one has monochrome and clear beads of different shapes and sizes and two layered chains that add volume. This necklace features two lobster clasps that can help secure it to the other necklace or it can simply be worn as a single piece. The second one features bold ring-shaped beads with clear cuboid beads. When the other necklace is attached to this one, it becomes a chunky multi-layer piece that draws attention. Add spunk to a single coloured dress with this statement neckpiece. Your friend feeling underdressed? Unhook the second necklace and lend it to her for the evening.

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