‘Dischordian Stands Out for its Strong Melodies, Lyrics’

Dischordian was conceived by Garreth D’Mello as a solo project in 2009, pretty much just a side project that he didn’t consider pursuing seriously. Eventually Garreth decided to put together a band and do more with the project. The first few months were pretty much a  merry-go-round of musicians. There were entries and exits. Aggi, Howard, and Nigel are the guys who stayed, and according to the founder, this is the perfect line-up.

This is what Dischordian’s founder Garreth D’Mello had to say in an interview with InOnIt.in

What according to you makes Dischordian stand out from other bands in the country?

The most immediate, obvious aspect that makes us stand out is our sound – we are fully acoustic, and our instruments are unique. We have no bass, percussion is very minimal, and some of the instruments that we do use like the trumpet, saxophone, mandolin,  melodica, and lap steel are relatively uncommon. But I hope that even beyond that,  Dischordian stands out because of our strong melodies, strong lyrics, and interesting arrangements.

How would you describe your genre?

No idea. We’ve got all kinds of elements in our music, and pinning it down to a single genre is difficult. NH7 called us “Goa-tinged orchestral indie”, which is what we often call it these days. We quite liked that description.

Dischordian’s debut album “The Feni Farm Riot” was released in April 2011, can you tell us something about it?

It’s an awesome album with a collection of Dischordian’s first 13 songs. The mood is mostly mellow but intimate, often introspective, with a few songs that are a bit dark and blood thirsty, but at the end of it all, I think it leaves you feeling languid and content, and this certainly describes the album’s title.

What are the challenges Dischordian faces?

I guess they’re the usual challenges that most bands face — performing outside your home city and also going international. At its core, being in a band is fun and very rewarding, but another challenge is to keep writing songs that are not just good, but fresh and don’t sound repetitive.

The band recently performed in the South. How was the tour?

Oh, it was brilliant! It was great to finally play in these cities. A lot of people came up to us after each gig and complimented us on our music. Bangalore certainly didn’t let us down. It was packed and people bought us shots! We did a really long encore. Hyderabad  was more or less the same. Chennai was a bit of a turn down. Not much crowd and the one’s present took a while warming up. However, at the end it was wild. We even had an impromptu after-party, so we stayed up all night, left the hotel at 4am to catch our flight, and then crashed. We’re still high on it all.

What is the band aiming now?

We’ve just returned from our South India tour, so right now we’re just taking a deep breath and basking in our sense of achievement. Next would probably be to take the album to other cities. We’d love to go north now – Delhi of course, and maybe Chandigarh too. And of course to write new songs.

As told to Suezelle D’Costa

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