Discover Yourself with Remen Chopra at Sakshi Gallery

GET: ‘Memoirs of Tanaz and Vimla’ by Remen Chopra

IN: Sakshi Gallery, Synergy Art Foundation Ltd. Tanna House, 11, Nathalal Parekh Marg, Colaba, Mumbai

ON: 11th-29th March, 2011

IT: is a riveting narrative of a journey of self discovery

Contact: Sanyogita Deo: +91 22 6610 3424,



About the Art and the Artist:

In the present body of work, Remen Chopra has worked with a photographic documentation, a theatrical performance, staging the scenes and directing the actors herself. Fascinated by parallels and multidimensionality, Chopra naturally tends to combine diverse media like photography, graphics, murals and painting to create works that are visually as layered as their conceptual depth.

She has participated in many group shows including ‘Her Work Is Never Done’ – Parts I&II – at BMB, Mumbai, 2010, ‘Everything’ organized by Willem Baars Projects and Bose Krishnamachari at Westerhuis, Amsterdam, 2008, and ‘Harrowing Reality’ at the School of Visual Art Gallery, New York, 2007.

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