DIY Christmas nail art Ideas

‘Tis the season to be jolly and we have the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit- by getting your nails in trend with the holidays. With lots of red, white, green and of course plenty of shimmer, your talons will be your best accessory this December. We show you some easy DIY Christmas nail art ideas for a fun, fab and festive style.

Christmas Tree Nails

Make a pretty Christmas tree to welcome our favourite Winter holiday. Begin by applying a neutral base colour and let it dry completely. Next, stick two strips of tape on your nails to form a triangle in the center and colour it in with green paint for your tree. Once it is dry. Add a coat of glitter to your tree and you can use small jewels to decorate it.

Christmas tree nails

Festive Ombre Nails

Use any bright colours you like, you can even use green and red to really get in the mood. First apply two coats of your base colour and then dip a sponge in the second shade and dab it onto the tips, making sure to fade it out in the middle of the nail. You can repeat this process of dabbing the sponge on your nail till you’re happy with the intensity of the colour. Let it dry before apply a layer of glitter on top of your entire nail. Make sure to tidy up any excess colour on your skin around your nail from the sponge with an ear bud dipped in nail polish remover.

Xmas Ombre nails

Striped Candy Nails

Let your digits look as delicious as an Xmas candy cane using red and white. Pick a base colour between the two and apply two coats of it. After it dries, paint the second shade in diagonal stripes across your nails. If you want very thin lines then you can use a toothpick dipped in the colour to achieve it. Feel free to use some shimmer in one of the shades for some extra shine.

Candy cane nails

Santa Hat Nails

A fun twist to the classic French Manicure, it is easier to do since you don’t have to draw a straight line at the tip. Begin by sticking 2 strips of tape to your nails to form a triangle, just like the Christmas tree but paint it red instead of green. Wait for it to dry painting a white circle or big dot at the point of the hat. Next, at the tip of your nails add a scalloped white line. You can create this by simply blending dots together if you find it easier like that.

Santa hat nails


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