DIY Distressed Denims: Look Trendy for Less

Whether your style is edgy, boho, casual or experimental, distressed jeans is a definite must-have for your wardrobe. We’ve mentioned how to wear this trend like a pro, but why spend hours on shopping and finding the right fit, when you can convert your favourite pair into a ripped one. We show you an easy and fashionable DIY for distressed denims.

DIY Distressed Denims
Time Required
Around 15 minutes per section of rip.

Things You Need
- Pencil or chalk
- Scissor or Knife
- Sand Paper
- Tweezers

Step 1
Pick your favourite pair of jeans, preferably an old, faded one. Mark out areas where you need a rip in pencil or chalk. Pencil is darker than chalk and can be washed off easily.

Creating DIY Distressed Denims
Step 2
Use a knife preferably or a scissor to make a cut. Start by making the cut smaller than the actual size so that you may rectify in case of an error. If you want a ripped effect with threads, then make two almost parallel cuts and use tweezers to take out vertical threads.

Use Knife or Scissor to Clip the Jeans - DIY Distressed Denims
Step 3
Get a sand paper and rub the section thoroughly. This will give a worn out effect to your jeans. Wash off the denims in the washing machine to complete the natural distressed denim look.

Get a sand paper and rub the section thoroughly - DIY Distressed Denims
Get Creative
Finally, use your creativity. Get lace and patch up behind the rip for a feminine effect or get coloured pens and make the white threads and shreds colourful. DIY Distressed Denims

Do try this at home, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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