Get Gory, Bloody and Spooky – Five DIY Halloween Makeup Tips

Want to look like a deceased zombie with oozing blood or a decaying ghostly corpse with peeling skin trapped in between the dead and the alive? Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to get your longing creepy self out. The one time of the year you can go a little too crazy with your makeup without being made fun of. We give you simple, non-toxic DIY Halloween makeup tips with ingredients that you will easily find in your pantry and around the house. Because you need to do this if you want to stay up all night to get spooky!

The Skeleton/ Joker

If you want to be the intimidating, creepily frightening Joker from Batman or a live skeleton, we tell you how to make your own white paint for the base. You will need:

-       5 tsp Corn Starch

-       2 tsp Cold Cream or White Shortening

-       1 tsp White All Purpose Flour

-       2 to 3 drops of Glycerine

Mix up the cornstarch, white shortening and flour. Add glycerine for smoother application and use a makeup sponge to apply it evenly. The red eerie smile can be made with the face paint (read below on how to make your own paint) or by using red lipstick. Dark, black eye shadow under the eyes and on the eyelids will complete your skeleton look.

Halloween Skeleton Face Makeup

Halloween Skeleton Face Makeup

Chemical-Free Face Paint

Want to be The Hulk and scare everyone with your loud grunt? Well, you’ve got to paint your face green first! And out with those toxic face paints you get at party stores. Make your own chemical-free one. You will need:

-       2 tsp Corn Starch

-       1 tsp Water

-       1 tsp Cold Cream

-       Few drops of Organic Food Colouring

Mix all the ingredients together, using the food colour of your choice (in our case: green) and once blended together well, apply it on the preferred area of your skin. You can also go creative with added scars and bruises for special effects.



Fake Slimy Blood

Want to be a Zombie Bride (that will shut everyone up from trying to coax you to get married)? Probably the most important makeup item for Halloween, gory blood and a wicked smile can do wonders to scare someone. To make your own fake thick blood, you will need:

-       Plain Flour

-       Red Food Colouring

-       Water

-       Corn Syrup

-       1 tsp Instant Coffee

Sieve the flour in boiling water and mix well to make sure there are no lumps. You can control the thickness by adding or reducing the amount of flour. You can also use corn syrup to thicken the mixture. Once it’s thick and a bit runny, add in the red colouring. The twist is to add coffee, to give it a realistic bloody colour. Apply the mixture once it cools down. Just stay away from Dexter!

Zombie Bride

Zombie Bride

Peeling Skin and Rotting Face

This is the ultimate decomposed zombie look you always wanted but couldn’t fathom ways to do it. You are going to have to literally papier-mâché your face. But don’t fret, it’s easy and will do no harm. You will need:

-       Toilet Paper

-       Fevicol

-       Face paint/Makeup

Apply a thin layer of glue on your face and place an uneven square of toilet paper on it. Seal it with more glue on the edges and repeat the process all around your face and mouth till you’ve papier-mâchéd yourself to look like a freak! For added effect, tear parts of the paper from your peeling skin so you really look like you’re decomposing. Let fake blood ooze out of those cuts.

Pixie Dust and Glitter

If you want to stay away from all the gory details, how about spreading some pixie dust for a magical evening? All you will need is:

-       Aloe Vera Gel

-       Glitter Powder

-       Olive Green, Sliver, Violet Eye Shadow

-       Fake Eyelashes

Mix some glitter into the aloe vera gel and apply it on your face/hands etc. Extravagntly apply eye shadow – merge some pretty colours such as olive green and violet, and add in some drama to your eyes with fake eyelashes. The more creative you go with your eye makeup, the closer you will come to looking like a pixie. Someone needs to be the angel amidst all the zombified monsters!

Pixie Makeup

Pixie Makeup

If your look doesn’t give goose bumps to the person you greet on Halloween, then you’re at the wrong party Barbie.

Happy Halloween!

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