Every girl owns at least one plain white T-shirt. The white tee is a closet staple but it doesn’t mean that it needs to be boring. We give you 5 unique ways you can dress up that old plain boring T-shirt into something chic, exclusive and cool. So it’s time to bust out those sewing kits and make something you will be proud of flaunting as we give you 5 DIY ideas for a plain white T-shirt.


DIY Studded Collar T-shirt

DIY Studded Collar T-shirt

A little bit of bling can go a long way to turn a basic tee into a trendy alternative. Studs being in at the moment you can experiment with different sizes and the number of studs you want to add. Add dainty studs sparingly for a chic look and bigger studs placed closer to each other for a punk look.

What you’ll need

-Decorative Studs (Available at Something Special in Bandra)

-White T-shirt


Step 1: Lay out your T-shit flat and line the studs along the collar.  Mark the points you want to place the studs with a pencil after deciding how far apart you want to space them and see how many you’ll need.

Step 2: Press the stud into the collar of the T-shirt. Be careful not to stretch the material while you’re at it.

Step 3: Next fold the prongs of the studs inward to secure them using a coin or your fingers.

Repeat steps 2-3 until you’ve studded a complete row around the collar of your T-shirt.

And you’re done! Isn’t it so easy and so wearable? Experiment with different fabrics and styles. You can add studs to a boring office shirt or even to the hems of a plain shift dress. Thank me later.



DIY Bow Back T-shirt

DIY Bow Back T-shirt

Remember that T-shirt at the back of your closet that is just a little bit too tight? Here is a great way to reinvent it into something super cute and adorable.

What you’ll need

-White T-shirt

-Bows (You can make your own with fabric scraps or get them at stores)

-Strip of Printed or plain fabric


-Straight pins

-A sewing machine

Step 1: Lay your T-shirt flat on its back and mark the exact center on the base and neck.

Step 2: Take your pair of scissors and cut up the back. Fold the edges in on either side and sew the hem. You can either sew extra fabric into the gap or just add the bows without them and show off your sexy back.

Step 3:Pin the bows to the back of the T-shirt either to the outside or inside and sew them down.

Remove pins and show off!



DIY Bolero Jacket

DIY Bolero Jacket

Remember that white tee you received for a promotional event? Don’t just wear it to bed. Time to class it up and turn it into a cover up to throw over a fitted little black dress or a maxi with flats.

What you’ll need

-White T-shirt



-Sewing kit

Step 1: Lay down the T-shirt and cut off about half the tee lengthwise.

Step 2: Cut it down the middle and sew the hem.

Step 3: Sew on your buttons to one side of the hem. Use excess fabric to create loops for the buttons.

You can leave the hems unfinished for a messy and edgy style.


DIY Lace Tee

DIY Lace Tee

Don’t spend major moolah on those flirty lace tops you see in stores. Make your own.

What you’ll need

-Lace Trim

-Straight pins

-White T-shirt

-Sewing machine

Step 1: Lay out T-shirt and place your lace trim on it. You can add as many layers as you want alternating between straight edged lace trims and scalloped trims.

Step 2: Pin the trim down and sew on the edges.

Admire your handiwork and be ridiculously pleased.



DIY Peplum T-Shirt

The possibilities of a simple white tee are endless.  This is the perfect way to refashion a tee that is just a little bit too short.

What you’ll need

- A plain white T-shirt

- Lace

- Straight pins

- Scissors

- Needle and thread

Step 1: Try your shirt on and mark the bottom part up about half an inch below where your pant or skirt ends. Next, lay your shirt out and cut the bottom all the way around.

Step 2: Fold the bottom edges and sew the hem.

Step 3: Place your lace at the bottom of the T-shirt letting it fall just slightly below the end. Pin the lace, taking a slight gather in at the top at every inch and half, depending on how intense you want your peplum. Pin all the way to the back.

Step 4: Begin sewing the lace to the shirt at the top of each fold and secure the lace in several places with small stitches

Step 5: Flounce the lace a bit.

Strut about in its awesomeness.



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