4 Steps To A Super-Affordable, DIY Pedicure

They carry your weight around everywhere, bear the pain of high heels and you show them little to no love. Yes, we’re talking about your feet. It’s time you take a break from your chores and give some (much-needed) TLC to your feet. You can head to a spa for a foot massage and pedicure, but with our expert advice you can just get it done at home. Check out our 4 steps for happy feet.

DIY pamper pedicure
Step 1: Soak
We know that the feeling of soaking your feet in warm water after a hard, long week is simply blissful. But try this instead. Add bath salts or Epsom salts to the water for soft, silky feet. Epsom salts, also known as magnesium sulfate, are easily available in the market, as are flavoured bath salts. They will help your feet unwind and increase blood flow. Once you are done soaking, use a filer to remove dirt from your nails and between your toes.

Thrift tip: Ditch the fancy bath products and get a packet of Epsom bath salt from the local chemist instead. Add some freshly crushed lavender or a drop of vanilla essence for a beautiful fragrance. This will help get rid of stinky feet, too.

Step 2: Scrub
Time to pretty up those heels—not your shoes, but your feet. Use a cream-based scrub to remove the dead cells and tan. Next, use a pedicure scrubbing tool. Pumice stones and metal scrubbers work well, although they can be a bit too harsh. Instead, use the wooden one—it is gentle and does the work. After you are done, soak your feet again for a minute.

Thrift Tip: Instead of an expensive foot scrub, make your own by mixing grapeseed oil with sugar and salt.

Step 3: Moisturise and Massage
Now that your feet are clean and scrubbed, it’s time to give them some nutrition. Use a moisturising foot cream enriched with vitamins and minerals. Take your time and massage this generously on your feet, between your toes and even on your nails. If your spouse is feeling generous, you can ask him to do the work while you read a magazine.

Thrift Tip: Replace your foot cream with coconut oil or olive oil, as it has a similar effect.

Step 4: Pretty Toes
Trim your toenails, but avoid cutting your cuticles. Gently push your nail bed using a cotton ball. Apply a coat of transparent nail paint. Then choose a colour of your choice and paint your nails.

Thrift tip: If your toenails are yellow, use a whitening toothpaste for 2 minutes to reveal a natural white shade.

Have happy feet using these tips. Tweet to us @get_inonit and @stereowrite with a photo of your pretty feet or talk to us in the comments section.

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