DIY Makeover for your Shoe Closet

Old, young, skinny, plump, short, tall; almost all kinds of women one have one thing in common – their love for shoes. Historically used for feet protection, this item unifies all women across borders, as it does not discriminate.

As shoes are a monumental part of fashion (and your closet) you may already have your staple ones like sneakers, stilettos and more. If you have a shoe fetish, then you would have probably spent a bomb on these pretty things, and it would be unfair to just discard them for a minor flaw. Thus, we offer easy DIY tips to give a face-lift to old shoes.

Casual Canvas

Your daily work wear or casual date sneakers are the definition of comfort, and we all know that throwing out cosy shoes is almost like a break up. Why not try to bling it or colour it?

You will need glue, paints, brushes/sponge, glitter, market pens, studs and other creative items you want to enhance your canvas with. Learn how to shade your sneakers, here.

DIY Shoes

If you are not experienced or one of those who got a ‘D’ grade in art class, then try with smaller steps. Only paint the edges and then opt for major changes. On the other hand using glue for sticking studs or elastic would be an easier option.

DIY Shoes

Sultry Stilettos

Black pumps, red peep-toes, strappy heels; who doesn’t love these? But, with time the edge of close-toe shoes may wear out, or the heels may look dusty. Use studs, feathers, old patches of cloth, etc. to enhance the heel, and glitter, neon paint, crystals to redo the toe section.

DIY Shoes

If you are bored by the drab heels, you have worn many times; try this reversible method of breathing new life into your heels.

DIY Shoes

You may even wrap your shoes in different fabric to get a whole new pair for less than 300 bucks. Check out shoe wrapping technique here.

Belle Ballerina

There is so much that can be done with your ballerina shoes, so much! There are bows flowers, bands, paints, studs, crystals, lace, buttons, sequins and more; for some shoe loving. Follow the same idea for DIY as the heels and see how your drab daily wear transforms into diva-esque footwear.

DIY shoes

Sloppy Slippers

Flats are probably used for the bathroom or for lazily fetching veggies. Now, you may turn them into an important part of your wardrobe with just a few additions. Take a look at a few DIY projects and turn your flip flops to ethnic or party wear.

DIY Shoes

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