Five D.I.Ys That Will Not Burn a Hole in Your Pocket


Being fashionable is not about always paying through your nose. You can rack your brains and let your creative side come up with some creative DIY ideas that will make you look like a fashionista in no time. Here are some DIY ideas that will help you get started.


Bling is in! Cuffs have never looked more stylish. Stud them and watch them wow everyone around you.
What you need: A pair of jeans, studs of different shapes, and a plier

Steps for the DIY:
1. Lay out your supplies in front of you.
2. Cuff your jeans
3. Lay out your studs in a pattern. You can mix and match different shapes.
4. Now inserts the studs all along both the cuffs and fasten them in place with the help of the plier.
5. Repeat on the other cuff.

Voila! You’re done. Now wear your attitude, not on your sleeve but on your cuff.

DIY beaded collar steps Studded Jeans DIY


What you need: Scrounge through your tool box, and dig out a few industrial pieces like gold or silver nuts (If you don’t own a toolbox, these can also be easily found at hardware stores). Use it to make a luxe-looking accessory.

Steps for the DIY:
1. Take a yarn thread and create a large knot at the top.
2. To create side straps for your bracelet or cuff, begin doing a simple braid.
3. As the picture depicts, when the strap for one side is done, begin braiding in the nuts, to create the middle embellishment.
4. And finally, once you are done with this section, continue on with your simple braid to create the strap on the other side.
And that’s as simple as it sounds!

Studed bracelet make a chic statement

Studed bracelet make a chic statement


Simple to make Chevron Tote needs tape, fabric color, ruler, paint brush, and of course, a basic fabric tote.

Steps for the DIY:
1. Place the fabric tote on the ground.
2. Draw “V” lines with the help of a ruler.
3. Put tapes on the lines and start painting in the sections. Choose a spectrum of your favorite colors. You can go with warm shades like red, yellow, orange or cool colours like blue, green, purple. Don’t be afraid to also mix in warm and cool shades.
4. Let it dry and remove the tape.
Here’s your Chevron inspired tote, right from the runway! Read more about the Chevron trend here.

Chevron print tote; a must do!

Chevron print tote; a must do!


Transform your old or plain pair of sunglasses into completely trendy new ones in minutes!

What you need: Sunglasses (preferred cat-eye style), glue, beads, plucker, paper and pencil.

Steps for the DIY:
1. Start by roughly drawing the shape of your sunglasses.
2. Now start placing the beads on the rough drawing for the exact style you want it to look like.
3. Once you are happy by the layout, start placing the beads on the glasses.
4. Place it gently by applying glue on the back of the beads and put it on with the help of the plucker.
5. Follow the track of your design and complete the look.
You have now done yourself a runway inspired look in no time!

Embellished sunglasses, not only for the day!

Embellished sunglasses, not only for the day!


Peter pan collars or collars as an accessory are a trend which we can’t seem to get enough of. You can add this trend to your wardrobe without burning a big hole in your pocket with our simple DIY.What you need: One of your daddy’s old white shirts, lots of beads, a needle and thread.

Steps for the DIY:
1. Cut off the collar from the shirt.
2. Replace the button with a bead.
3. Thread the needle and start sewing the beads in a pattern of your choice, only on top of the collar.
Use this as an instant accessory with any of your collarless tops or tees!

DIY Beaded Collar DIY Beaded Collar

Hope you are as eager to try these as we were to share it with you.

Find more Do-It-Yourself projects here.

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