DJ Van Der Fern and Ignatius Camilo at Aurus

GET: a gig with the UMM Comrades.

IN: Aurus, Nichani Kutir, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai 400054. For more info contact — 022 67106666

ON: 4th of March

IT: There is no entry free, its essentially FREE

About the Artists

Van der Fern is someone they can call a “big music fan from the small ages.” He found love in the melody of tracks his grandparents sent him from the US!

Ignatius Camilo aka Iggythedj is probably amongst the very few underground music Indian djs who has been pulling the hearts and ears of listeners…  Both the men started a journey as captains of their own star ships thousands of miles apart back in ’97. Shunning the mainstream, progressive, mediocre sound for real quality underground music, both worked tirelessly (and cont. to do so) to promote the underground vibe and bring forth the change!

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