Do You Have Your Chai Diaries Yet?

Berry Blast, Apple Cider, Moroccan Mint, tempted much? No, we are not naming cocktails at a local pub. You can tick off these names from your Chai Diaries, as your tea can now have these yummy flavours. Gone are the days when having a cup of tea was just a regular morning ritual and tea varieties only included black or with milk.
Having a tea party is no more child’s play; it’s all about discussing the next change in technology, the newest international fashion brands in India or something like that, over a cup of tea.
And the latest venture to join this tea-time affair is Chai Diaries, founded by Ami Bhansali. Her summers were spent at her family’s lush tea plantations in the hills of Nilgiris in South India, it’s no surprise that she decided to start her own tea company. She literally stayed amidst huge lands of tea farms and basked in its fragrance.
Her love affair with this aromatic drink led her to start Chai Diaries, pages of which she continues to write and love. With her brand, expect some freshly fragrant tea blends that will brighten up your day.
And while she is still in the process of getting Chai Diaries to India (it is currently available in New York), special orders are being taken in our city for Diwali.
Her team is all set to take your orders for gift hampers this festive season. A set of premium specialty teas’ tins that are available in 8 master blends – Apple Cider, Tangy Orange, Summer Citrus, Berry Blast, Emperor’s Dream, Sweet Rose, Jasmine Green, Moroccan Mint – colour coded to sync with the festival, is what you can present to your loved ones this season.
Who knew a cutting could come in so many variations!
To place your orders, mail them on or call 9820453141
You can also check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Twitter here.
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