Dome New Menu, Non-Veg Review: Biting Into The Meat

Perhaps the most prudent act for a restaurant that has a long standing reputation in our city is to refresh their menus and decor periodically to continue to stay on top of their game. Where ambience goes, it does not get better than Dome rooftop bar at the InterContinental on Marine Drive. The lounge-y vibe, starry skies and the magnificent sea breeze create a phenomenal setting for a first date, anniversary celebration or to entertain special clients. That they have decided to revise their menu only shows that they are serious about their work and in it for the long run. It was this new development that we came to sample and savour earlier this week for a post-work soiree at the stylish bar.

The evening was hot and sultry so we let ourselves cool off by indulging in a few cocktails. We tried the Ciroc Chard-tini, the Ron Zacapa Mojito and the Smokey Negrino. The Charditini was refreshing and the peach schnapps gave it a slight hint of peach flavour that was perfectly understated. The Mojito had dark earthy flavours that reminded us of its Cuban origins. The Smokey Negrino, however, was extremely strong and had an overpowering taste of Black Label Whiskey. Not something we would order a second time around. However, the bartender was happy to make us a special cocktail incorporating our favourite ingredients when we requested something not on the menu.

Coming to the food, the chef has made a clear choice of serving visually appealing, gourmet food as opposed to regular pub grub. A good selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers ranging from live grills to sushi and kebabs dominates the new menu. We started with the chicken cigars. While the pastry was crispy, light and flaky, we felt the filling could use some more seasoning. Next came the Spicy Lamb Kibbeh shots which were a feast for the eyes: served in a shot glass and dipped into minty yogurt chutney like a gola-sherbet. Again though, the meat could have used some spices in it. Phyllo parcels came with a sweet-sour balsamic drizzle and were stuffed with the spinach and feta, a nice combination on the palette. The pickled veg sushi had nice flavours but the rice was extremely sticky making the texture of the sushi very mushy. It also wasn’t served along with any soy dipping sauce, a serious grievance by our standards.

We were greatly anticipating the chicken sliders and they did not let us down: delicious and well flavoured; they paired nicely with the coleslaw. Seafood is also a big hit in the new menu! The two shrimp dishes we tried had very unique flavours. The Butterly Prawns were lemon-y and very fresh. The Popcorn shrimp were presented well in the martini glass with a tangy dipping sauce; however, some pieces were crispier than others. A good accompaniment to some chilled beer. The highlight of our meal was definitely the grilled Brazilian tenderloin: juicy to perfection and the sauce was absolutely delicious. The Chicken Anticucho had complex spicy flavours, tender chicken accompanied by crispy potatoes; one of the best dishes of the night.

We finished our meal with two dishes from the Kebab corner. The Chicken Afghani came in rather big pieces but was flavoursome and succulent. The Sea Bass Baluchi Tikka was passable considering the other things we tasted that night.

All in all, we declared the new menu a success. The drinks menu was extensive and inventive since the main appeal here is that Dome is one of the few rooftop bars in Bombay. Food was original and tasty. They could make a few adjustments and we suspect they will in the months to come. But rest assured that Dome is going to continue to be one of our cities’ top night-time spots in the years to come.

- Review conducted by Triman Kohli

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