Don 2 Movie Review – A Tremendous Let Down

One of the much anticipated movies of 2011, Don 2 turns out to be nothing compared to how you would have expected it to be. It’s a complete let down.

If you have the courage to walk into the theatre to watch the sequel of Don, I assure you that you will walk out feeling cheated. With promises of thrills and a fast paced plot, Don 2 is nothing but a movie made just for the heck of making a sequel. Film makers need to understand that throwing actors like Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra in random scenes do not create stories. The movie suffers from a boring plot, bad screenplay and pathetic dialogues. What I fail to understand is whether our industry lacks the creative talent or are writers just plain lazy to pen down interesting scenes and plots?

Now although, Don 2 has scenes that have been shot well, it unfortunately lacks everything else that is required to make a good movie. The movie revolves around Don trying to pull a heist in Berlin which looks like a cheap rip-off of Oceans Eleven. Add to that the lame way in which Shahrukh Khan and the rest of the cast deliver their dialogues and the outcome is Don 2. The movie starts where it left last time. But this time Don voluntarily gets himself arrested only to break out from the prison with his rival Vardhaan. With a new team of assassins, the most wanted criminal sets out to plot a robbery. As the movie moves forward, you fail to understand the negligence on the part of the writers and directors to include scenes that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The punches in the movie simply lack humor. The scenes between Don and the Interpol officer Roma that was supposedly included to add a love angle to the movie fails to amuse the audience. Dear film makers, just because it is a Bollywood movie you don’t have to induce a romantic side in the script.

All in all, the movie is a tremendous bore. Even if you manage to sit through the two and a half hour movie, it will fail to impress you. One good thing about the movie is that it has been shot well. It kicks off at Thailand, takes you to Malaysia and then Europe. However, that alone will not keep you glued to the screen. If only the script would have had unpredictable twists and turns, Don 2 would have been a much better movie.

- Esha Chanda

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